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What distinguishes our practice is the close working relationship we have established with our clients.

We approach each matter together as a team, involving partners, associates and staff, and work with all levels of each client’s internal organization so we can handle matters efficiently and reaching our goals. 

We know our clients - how they underwrite, document and administer their business and as a result we delivered proper advice to them regarding each and every single penny invested.

We have also played an integral part in helping them develop their training programs and conduct seminars for them on various subjects in the finance arena.

Our Services

  • Commercial Lending
  • Reviewing letters of credit based, credit contracts, loan modifications
  • Assisting in commercial leasing process
  • Negotiating leasing contracts, land development approvals and other entitlements
  • Advising on structuring deals
  • Representing borrowers and lenders in complex commercial finance matters
  • Representing lenders and borrowers in the financing of the acquisition, development and construction of resort projects
  • Assisting borrowers and lenders on defaulted loans and sale of loans