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Lawyers from Pavel, Margarit & Associates Romanian Law Firm advice: A lot of legal issues can occur in cases of debt recovery. How can be solved these debt collection cases

Late payment of debts was a common legal issue in the business environment during and after the financial crisis. The ingenuity shown by debtors in order to avoid paying debts is huge, point out the specialized attorneys in debt collection and litigation from Pavel, Mărgărit & Associates Romanian Law Firm. There are a lot of […]

Pavel, Mărgărit & Associates Romanian Law Firm, recognized as one of the best law firms in the country, by the famous IFLR1000 law guide, 2018 edition

Pavel, Mărgărit & Associates Romanian Law Firm has been recognized as one of the top law firms in Romania, by one of the world’s most prestigious independent financial guides, IFLR 1000 Financial and Corporate guide, which brings together law firms in the field of Financial & Corporate. Pavel, Mărgărit & Associates’ team brings together banking […]

How to obtain a long stay visa for commercial activities

If you do not have the Romanian citizenship or the citizenship of another member of the European Union or of the European Economic Area and you come to Romania for commercial purposes, you can obtain a long-stay visa in Romania for commercial activities. A Romanian citizenship and immigration lawyer can advice you on this matter […]

Are you looking to rent a office space in Romania? These are some unpleasant legal issues that may arise that you can prevent with the help of a specialized lawyer

Companies looking for an office space to rent in Romania should be very careful when setting rental conditions with the Romanian property owner. There have been few cases in which some companies have failed to organize events related to their own activity or to adapt the space of the building according to their own needs, […]

You’re the administrator of a company in Romania? How may a claim of personal liability be filed against you?

During and after crisis, more and more companies have entered into the insolvency procedure or bankruptcy procedure in front of the Romanian Insolvency Court, on different reasons. Some Romanian companies had financial instability due to the crisis, but management errors may also determinate a company’s insolvency or bankruptcy in Romania. According to Romanian Insolvency law, […]

A specialized corporate lawyer can take all steps to set up a limited liability company in Romania. What steps will be followed

The incorporation of a Limited Liability Company (LLC) in Romania involves a number of steps, such as verifying the name of the company, selecting the object of activity, filing the incorporation file and registering it. A specialized corporate lawyer, when he is incorporating a limited liability company in Romania, will take all these steps in […]