Senior Partner


The founder of the law firm "Pavel, Margarit & Associates”, bears a high appreciation from the clients that he advised, assisted and represented in various cases, within all branches of law, mainly in matters of corporate commercial law, financial – banking, fiscal and administrative, and nevertheless, in the field of insolvency, judicial reorganization, restructuring and bankruptcy.

The extensive experience, a defining element for specializing in commercial, civil, and corporate law, acquired in real estate and financial development projects, was accomplished due to the confidence in Mr. Radu - Catalin Pavel, expressed by clients with heritage in various fields of activity of the global economy both in Romania as well as in Europe, Israel, United Arabian Emirates and beyond.

The burst of the real estate market has been the context in which Mr. Radu- Catalin Pavel, provided legal consultancy for major partners such as real estate developers or prestigious international investment funds, in projects estimated at several hundred million Euros.

Beyond the specialization, defined by legal practice, in corporate commercial law and banking and finance, Mr. Radu- Catalin Pavel, aimed for a Ph.D. in public law, currently being a Ph. D. student and, as Ph. D. student, has participated in conferences, symposia and signed various scientific articles. His interest in deepening the peculiarities of different legal systems has driven Mr. Pavel Radu- Catalin to study comparative law and becoming a member of the American Bar Association, USA. Also Ph. Dc. Radu Catalin Pavel had Universitary didactic activities.

Nevertheless, Mr. Pavel Catalin - Radu graduated a masters degree, with a Master in "Community substantive law" .

Both as a professional and as managing partner of the team, he approaches each case with discipline and thoroughness. In consultancy projects , both with reference to the complex legal issues as well as the daily activities of the clients, the professionalism which characterizes his working method combines rational perspective imposed by finding solutions with the creativity necessary for a strategic vision.

Advising clients among companies - heterogeneous in structure, operating principles and nationality principles - is directed to building a solid status, which ensures excellence and prestige emblematic for market leaders.

For Mr. Radu- Catalin Pavel the satisfaction of the clients and their focus on continuous development under the law is a real professional fulfillment, being one of the best rewards brought by his career.


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