Dispute resolution

We take pride in a remarcable evidence in the disputes resolved, conseguence of an experience accumulated in years, defined by a strategic vision and sistematic preparation, inspired by our clients satisfaction.

Insolvency, Restructuring and Bancruptcy

The complexity of the process involving the insolvency and the financial implications of the companys undergoing this process, imposes the need to work with law firms that have a proven track record of sophisticated bankruptcy practice.

Corporate, Commercial and M&A

Entrepreneurship has become the driving force of today’s growing economy. By investing the time necessary to understand our clients business, we can respond effectively to their concerns as well as their day-to-day management issues.

Banking, Finance and Capital Markets

We approach each matter together as a team, involving partners, associates and staff, and work with all levels of each client’s internal organization so we can handle matters efficiently and reaching our goals.

Real Estate and Construction

Beyond relevant experience in representing construction companies and property developers in various stages of execution of real estate projects we differentiate us from our competitors through the involvement and dedication each step approach.

Employment and Labour Law

We provide practical counsel and continual support to conflicts issued between employers and employees. We serve our clients’ needs, keeping them informed and knowledgeable when it comes to labor and employment law, helping them make a smart and educated business decision.

Intellectual Property

Our current society is mareked by the evolution of media and entertaiment industries, especially in the context of tehnological progress, phenomenon which has as main coordinates the provisions of the law an intelectual property and author's rights.

Administrative and Public Law

We regularly provide timely advice to closely-held businesses, entrepreneurs, large corporations and their shareholders, tax-exempt organizations, partnerships, and multi-generational families.

Judicial Enforcements

Our legal practice by working with specialists in complex procedures of enforcement in the spirit leads us to design competitive cost of high quality consulting services, which have contributed to build a reputation that honors us.

Criminal Law & White Collar Crime

Our lawyers in criminal law, with an experience of over 10 years, are available for effective assistance and legal representation for both individuals and companies on any specific aspect of this field of expertise, for ensuring and respecting the right to a fair trial.

Energy and Natural Resources

We are proud to be a part of the “green law” specialists who can help clients by offering legal advice in conserving the environment by advising them on green initiatives, sustainability of strategies and alternative energy sources.


Advising in the competition law field requires smart, aggressive advocacy by well trained counsels. We provide comprehensive legal advice to diversified clientele from Romania and abroad, our cases involving a wide range of products and services ranging from manufactured products to services.

Transportation and Maritime Law

Having a vast experience in maritime law, we are proud to be among the few specialists who provide legal advice and representation in court for the parties involved in international shipping, maritime ship owners, shippers / receivers of cargo or container carriers.

Insurance Law

We are lawyers with expertise in this practice area, so we may facilitate all the process that involves obtaining compensations, amiable or in law court. Also, our firm has expertise in legal guidance for insurance companies, when they confront with fake compensation demands and in all sort of practices concerning this area.

Associations & Foundations

Our experienced business lawyers have a proven record of helping entrepreneurs, business owners, corporate leaders and other interested parties, ensure that properly prepared contracts and business arrangements are in place and ready to support positive outcomes.

Immigration Law

We offer our clients legal advice of the highest quality standards both on ensuring treatment and an equal protection to that afforded by law for Romanian citizens for foreign citizens, as well on assisting foreign citizens in obtaining Romanian citizenship.

Family Law

Our firm has a lot of experience in Family Law, that allows us to have a professional approach in representing our clients, in simple cases, but also in the more complex ones, involving complicate partition procedures.