Our lawyers assist business, corporate and private clients to resolve a broad range of commercial disputes in a timely and cost effective manner.


Dispute Resolution (Litigation and International Arbitration)

We take pride in a remarcable evidence in the disputes resolved, conseguence of an experience accumulated in years, defined by a strategic vision and sistematic preparation, inspired by our clients satisfaction.
Our expertise has been developed through years of experience combining dynamic litigation strategies with comprehensive knowledge, our ultimate goal being the satisfaction of our clients.

How we work on cases?

Undertake each case is followed by investigating, drafting the documentation and our involment in order to recover the money our clients are entitled to. We work with experts, we dedicate ourseves in proving the prejudice, we take testimonies and statements in order to be submited in the case. We concentrate in obtaining an amicable settlment as prior before settling the case in court. If mediation is not a solution, we use with diligence all means in order to prove and defend our clients interests before the court.

Our Services

∎ Civil and Commercial Litigation
∎ Debt Recovery
∎ Contractual Disputes
∎ Alternative disputes resolutions
∎ Administrative and tax disputes
∎ Civil claims
∎ Administrative and tax disputes
∎ Legal Opinions in complex issues
∎ Assisting in negotiations, mediation
∎ Property Claims
∎ Inheritance law
∎ Judicial Proceedings
∎ Arbitration
∎ Recognition of foreign decisions
∎ Professional Liability Litigation

Recent deals

– We represented a client in a case having as object cancellation of the abusive enforcement procedures started by a leasing company and recouped the vehicles and machinery abusively taken back by the leasing company.

-On our litigation department we recouped high amount of debts for our clients, having as result the continuation of their operations in Romania.