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Energy and Natural Resources

One of the newest and prestigious areas that encompass a range of issues that needs to be solved by law professionals is the growing area of “green law”.
We are proud to be a part of the “green law” specialists who can help clients by offering legal advice in conserving the environment by advising them on green initiatives, sustainability of strategies and alternative energy sources.

Our Services

∎ Drafting due diligence reports concerning energy investment projects
∎ Legal consultancy and assistance in investment projects in the energy area
∎ Verifying and performing formalities requested by the authorities when it comes to obtaining authorizations, endorsements and licenses in the energy sector
∎ Verifying documents according to Romanian Regulatory Authority for Energy – ANRE
∎ Legal opinions on interpretation of international regulations issued by the European Union institutions applicable in the energy sector
∎ Legal opinions on the application of the legal provisions regulating the specific activities in the energy area
∎ Legal consultancy in development of photovoltaic power plant projects, obtaining green certificates, transactions between involved parties, energy capacities development projects that use renewable sources of energy, etc.
∎ Legal assistance to construction projects of photovoltaic power plant or modernization of an existing one
∎ Negotiation and mediation partnership agreements on energy issues
∎ Drafting, negotiating of diversified contracts in the energy field
∎ Legal assistance in electricity generation, transmission, supply and distribution process of independent power plant
∎ Reviewing financing documentation including project finance of electricity generation power plant
∎ Assisting our clients in various matters related to energy industry such as establishing legal environment, procuring of necessary equipment obtaining permits, operating energy projects