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Insolvency, Restructuring and Bancruptcy (Including cross border procedures)

The complexity of the process involving the insolvency and the financial implications of the companys undergoing this process, imposes the need to work with law firms that have a proven track record of sophisticated bankruptcy practice.
The difference between our law firm and others is that we deal with these issues concerning filing bankruptcy on a daily basis.
We take pride on aggressively safeguarding of our clients’ rights and their financial interests providing quality legal advice during the entire phase imposed by insolvency law.
It is essential to consult a lawyer specialized in insolvency law who can help relieve the financial stress resulting from the financial situation.

Our Services

∎ Advising clients seeking to restructure, foreclose, liquidate, sell and buy debts
∎ Representing and advising clients during the observation, reorganization and bankruptcy procedures
∎ Conferring with our clients in alternatives to litigation of non performing credit facilities and structured finance transactions
∎ Negotiating and documenting complex loan modifications, extensions, restructurings, discounting pay – offs and sales of participation interests
∎ Due – diligence regarding the imposed documentation for granting loan facilities
∎ Drafting and reviewing transaction documents and pleadings in the bankruptcy proceedings such as: court orders, approving the sale
∎ Assisting the bidder at an action sale
∎ Advising creditors seeking to enforce their rights in bankruptcy proceedings
∎ Helping creditors file and recover their claims in the bankruptcy proceedings
∎ Monitoring the progress of the bankruptcy proceedings
∎ Drafting and reviewing plans of reorganization
∎ Filing proofs of claim for diversified creditors
∎ Guiding our clients through the bankruptcy planning
∎ Providing assistance in selling our clients business or assets in the bankruptcy procedure
∎ Negotiating loan modification agreements with creditors and implementing out of court workouts
∎ Resolving avoidance claims through mediation
∎ Defending former directors and administrators of companies in bankruptcy against allegations of negligence or fraud

Recent deals

– On our litigation department we recouped high amount of debts for our clients, having as result the continuation of their operations in Romania.

-We assist and represented our clients in Insolvency and Restructuring procedures, we negotiated with Banks, succeeded to reduce the claims of the unsecured creditors and we advised in drafting reorganizations plan.