Our lawyers assist business, corporate and private clients to resolve a broad range of commercial disputes in a timely and cost effective manner.


Judicial Enforcements

Our legal practice by working with specialists in complex procedures of enforcement in the spirit leads us to design competitive cost of high quality consulting services, which have contributed to build a reputation that honors us.

Our experience has been gained through the causes that had the parties both individual clients, local, regional, national and international corporations, enjoying the prestige of being included in the Fortune 500. The complexity cases is notable heterogeneity in terms of operation, structure and scope activity of private clients or public companies, manufacturing, construction companies, management firms and so on.

Our Services

∎ Representing our clients in the entire judicial enforcement procedure
∎ Participating with the executor in the judicial enforcement of movable and immovable property
∎ Legal assistance in validation of garnishment
∎ Drafting judicial documents
∎ Assisting and representing clients in all procedural phases

Recent deals

We represented a client in a case having as object cancellation of the abusive enforcement procedures started by a leasing company and recouped the vehicles and machinery abusively taken back by the leasing company.