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Transportation and Maritime Law

Maritime law as a distinct branch of law, includes reports on the ownership of ships, the incorporation methods and transmission of real rights on ships, commercial exploitation of ships and seaports, maritime trade, maritime insurance, assistance and rescue at sea, hiring of the crew and obligations of the personnel and also the rules of procedure applicable to criminal seizure and forced sale of ships.
Having a vast experience in maritime law, we are proud to be among the few specialists who provide legal advice and representation in court for the parties involved in international shipping, maritime ship owners, shippers / receivers of cargo or container carriers.

Our Services

∎ Legal advice on the registration of ships, maritime collateral registration
∎ Legal advice on labor relations on board
∎ Legal advice for concluding various agreements regarding sea charter bare-boat type, time or voyage charter charters or contracts of construction, conversion or repair of ships
∎ Legal advice and court representation of insurers and insured
∎ Legal advice and representation on the precautionary attachment of ships, assisting to release seized ships and representation of the interests of creditors or maritime vessel owners in disputes involving enforcement seizure of ships, selling them, representing clients in enforcement proceedings
∎ Legal assistance and representation in disputes concerning damage to the goods transported in containers, refusal to pickup / payment of goods / cargo transport related costs
∎ Legal assistance and representation to injured crew members on board ships or families of deceased crew members on board