Is it hard to find a good litigation lawyer in Romania?

The majority of lawyers in Romania are litigation lawyers, also called “trial lawyers” or simply “litigators”. Their role is to properly represent plaintiffs and defendants in civil or penal cases in all litigation phases, from pre-trial to the end of the trial.

What is important when it comes to a litigator is the experiencelevel and also his capacity of seeing, adopting and implementing the right strategy in the file, so he can fulfill the client’s target.

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4 things to point you to the right law firm in Romania

There are certain situations in our lives when require help from a competent attorney at law.

However, most of the time, especially foreigners, may feel even more insecure thinking we have not hired the right law firm in Romania, so we’ve put together a list of reasons will make you feel more secure regarding the decision to be made when contracting the right law firm.

In other words, wechose 4 reasons, if met, you should not have second thoughts nor buyer’s remorse feelings and just focus on running your business.

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Lawyer in Romania – what do clients want?

Clients will always appreciate when lawyers show them a little more attention, both when it comes to legal education and development of a candid business relationship, in sense of communicating more, and in an appropriate manner - not too technical, listening more, paying more attention to their needs and goals, in one word cari

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