“What I like best about my job is making a difference for my clients who are often in difficult situations.”

About me

The firm’s team of specialists is completed by Claudia Pavel, consultant in Commercial, Financial and Banking Law, whose competence is attested by the dimension of projects which evolved under her strategic vision.
Claudia Pavel’s professional path debuts by graduating studies in Finance-Banking and Law School, a double specialization that stood as foundation for a blooming career marked by excellence in administrating the financial evolution of local and foreign companies with which she collaborated.

The dynamism of real estate projects development, both in the residential as well as business sectors offered Claudia Pavel new professional opportunities through consultancy services delivered to diversified corporations.
Last but not the least, her experience is completed by consultancy services offered to companies in competition law issues, according to the local, community and international legislation.
In her professional ascension, Claudia Pavel has been honored by the appreciation shown by diverse clients her competence being confirmed by their trust and loyalty.