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Pavel, Margarit and Associates provides an online consulting programming service, that will take place either at the law firm headquarters or online, through Zoom or Skype, which can be accessed on the website https://avocatpavel.ro/, the Online consultation section.

If you agree with the price displayed for the online consultation, fill in the form provided by Pavel, Margarit and Associates, selecting the practice area for which you want the consultation, the day and time, your first and last name,the e-mail address and phone number, describing the legal matter for which you request the assistance. After reading and accepting the Terms and Conditions and the Privacy Policy, the appropriate boxes shall be checked, meaning that you express your consent, even for processing of the personal data for marketing purposes.

The user will upload the documents available to the intended space and they will be discussed during the consultation. If the user will attend a consultation at the Law Firms office, the documents will be presented in physical format. The online consultation application does not ensure an encryption of the information, which is why Pavel, Margarit and Associates cannot assume the liability for any losses. To the same extent, the Law Firm cannot be held liable for the loss of the information due to causes imputable to Zoom or Skype platforms. If you wish to encrypt such information, please request this in advance.

Pavel, Margarit & Associates may also provide a questionnaire. that, once completed, it can help you to obtain a coupon that can be used to get a discount for an online consultation. By filling in the questionnaire, you agree to follow the steps mentioned in it.

You can also benefit from a discount for the consultation by participating in a giveaway contest, by reading in advance the Regulation for each one. You can access the Regulation in the link attached to the social media pages, as well as on Pavel, Margarit & Associatess websites or in any other place displayed by us. The content generated by the users can be used by the Law Firm for promotion purposes.

After completing the questionnaire / participating in the giveaway, the form for the consultation can be filled in. After completing it, you will be redirected to the payment page.

The next step will be the confirmation of the consultation by Pavel, Margarit and Associates, the law firm lawyers being able to set another day/hour for the consultation, depending on their availability, so the applicant will be informed by phone, e-mail or SMS about the confirmation of the appointment.

If you want to participate at the online consultation, through Zoom/Skype, you will receive the link on the email, by which you will be able to access the virtual meeting with one of our lawyers.

After the payment is completed, the client will receive by e-mail the invoice, together with the Legal assistance agreement and the related annexes. The Legal assistance agreement in physical format will be concluded in person, if the person chooses to participate at the consultation at the Law Firms office, either through online means, the annexes and the Legal assistance agreement will be signed and sent via post office, bearing the original signature of the client.

If the user can no longer attend the scheduled meeting, he/she will notify Pavel, Margarit and Associates, who can reschedule considering their availability.

Pavel, Margarit and Associates reserves the right not to analyze the new legal aspects reported during the consultation, except those mentioned in the form, or to provide a concrete response to a situation that requires a thorough study and cannot be answered without thorough research. These provisions are also applicable if the person wants to analyze a large number of documents, the revision of which would exceed one hour of consultation. In these situations, if the person wishes, the documents, as well as the more complex situations, can be analyzed later, by paying a fee for the estimated workload, which will be communicated in advance to the client.

Payment of the fee is made in RON or EUR, with the credit card, at the time of filling in the form on the website. The payment will be made prior to the provision of legal consultancy services. The duration of the consultation is one (1) hour and can be extended, with additional payment of the amount mentioned in the form. If a consultation will take less than one (1) hour, the difference in amount will not be refunded to the customer.

You hereby agree that your personal data will be collected and processed through the online programming service. For more information on these matters, please visit our Privacy Policy.



In the case of scheduling an online consultation, only natural persons, as consumers, will be able to withdraw from the Legal assistance agreement concluded at distance within 14 days from the date of the conclusion of the agreement, according to GEO 34/2014. The right of withdrawal is not ensured after the provision of the Services (full execution of the agreement), if the execution started with the explicit prior consent of the Client.



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All the materials and information included on these websites are provided for informational purposes and should not be interpreted as a legal advice on specific facts or circumstances. The legal advices and other legal services are provided after the conclusion of a Legal assistance agreement, which complies with the legal provisions in this field.

Although the information is updated periodically, Pavel, Margarit and Associates assumes no responsibility for information that may be incomplete or have undergone changes. Pavel, Margarit and Associates recommends contacting a lawyer specialized in the area of activity of your case and if you believe that we can assist you in a certain matter that is the subject of our activity do not hesitate to contact us at office@avocatpavel.ro or by phone at +40 726 771 177.

Therefore, you agree that the use of the information is at your own risk and the Law Firm will not be liable for any damages related to the use of the information or the browsing of the websites.



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