The incorporation of a Limited Liability Company (LLC) in Romania involves a number of steps, such as verifying the name of the company, selecting the object of activity, filing the incorporation file and registering it. A specialized corporate lawyer, when he is incorporating a limited liability company in Romania, will take all these steps in the shortest possible time. Hiring a specialized corporate lawyer in Romania will help the shareholders of the Romanian company with the juridical issues that may arise along the way, recommends corporate lawyers specialized in incorporating the LLCs in Romania, from the Pavel, Margarit & Associates Romanian Law Firm.

The Limited Liability Company in Romania must be registered at the Trade Registry. The LLC may have one or more shareholders who will be liable to the clients of the company only within the limit of the subscribed and paid-up share capital of each of them. In order to set up the company, it is necessary for the shareholders to agree on the following: the name, the manager of the company, the limit of its powers and the duration of its mandate, the registered office, the main object of activity, aspects regarding the functioning of the general meeting of the associates, / retired associates, participation in profit and loss.

The first step in registering a company in Romania is checking the availability of its name, which is done with the Romanian Trade Register.
After receiving proof of the availability of the name, you can register the company’s file.

The documents necessary for the file for registering a limited liability company in Romania are as follows:

1. Application for registration
2. Tax Registration Form
3. Where applicable, the foreign investment form
4. The standard declaration on the basis of which the legal person fulfills the conditions of operation provided for by the specific legislation in the field of sanitary, veterinary, environmental and occupational safety for the activities specified in the type-declaration – is a form to be mentioned what activities will be carried out and in what locations (headquarters, secondary offices or third parties), activities for which it is declared that the operating conditions are complied with, as above;
5. Proof of checking availability and booking of the company;
6. The statement that a person is a sole associate in a single limited liability company, or that the limited liability company with a single associate is not uniquely associated with another limited liability company – for single-affiliated companies;
7. The Constitutive Act;
8. The document attesting the right of use on the space for the registered office – this may be a contract for the lease, lease, etc .;
9. Application to ANAF to obtain the certificate issued by the competent financial administration certifying that no other document for the alienation of the right to use the same property, for consideration or free of charge, has been registered for the registered office;
10. Evidence of payment of subscriptions subscribed by associates to social capital (children);
11. Declarations made on a case-by-case basis by the founders / administrators / censors or natural persons representing the legal entity appointed administrator or censor, showing that they meet the legal conditions for holding these qualities;
12. Identity documents of natural persons founders, administrators, auditors or auditors;
13. Specimen signatures of the company’s directors;
14. Where applicable, the authenticated declaration on the sole responsibility of the natural person foreign national in his / her own name or as a representative of the foreign legal person not registered in Romania;
15. If applicable:
the registration documents of the founders, administrators, corporate censors;
the opinion of the association of owners and direct neighbors;
the decision of the statutory body regarding the participation in the formation of the company of the legal persons founders;
the mandate for the person empowered to sign the constitutive act in the name and on behalf of the founder legal person (certified copy);
the creditworthiness certificate of non-resident legal persons participating in the formation of a company, issued by a bank or the competent chamber of commerce of the country of nationality;
16. Evidence of payment of the legal tariff.

The incorporation of a Limited Liability Company in Romania procedure, before the Romanian Trade Registry takes 3 days. Once you have established your Romanian company name, scope, and details about the shares, you can contact a corporate lawyer specialized in setting up a Limited Liability Company in Romania. He will be responsible both for drafting up the file for the establishment of the Limited Liability Company in Romania and for registering it with the Trade Registry. Such a Romanian lawyer can guarantee only a few days to set up the Romanian company, the costs involved being modest. Under normal conditions, the total time, including drafting all the documents by the lawyers can take about a week, according to lawyers specialized in setting up the LLCs from Pavel, Margarit & Associates Romanian Law Firm.


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