The Agreements for telephone, Internet and television services are extended, usually, either with automatically, for successive periods equal to the initial length of the agreement or for an indefinite period, without the need for a different proceeding from users or providers.

Operators can offer the users additional benefits along with the extension (ie. cuts on the equipment or tariff plans), but this procedure involves more often, concluding an addendum and starting a new minimum contractual period. If the user wants the termination of the agreement before the end of this new agreement duration, the supplier may request the payment of early termination penalties.

If the agreement is automatically extended (either for an indefinite period, or for a period equal to the initial period or with another indefinite other period), but the offer remains unchanged and no equipment at a reduced price is purchased, users will not pay any termination fee, associated with the minimum contractual period, considering that this period has expired. In this situation, the telephone, Internet or television service is provided further as long as neither the user nor the provider make any proceeding for termination of the agreement.

According to ANCOM President’s Decision no. 158/2015 on the obligations of informing end users, the suppliers must publish on their websites information regarding the length of the telephone, internet and television agreements, presented in a fair, detailed and comprehensible manner. Users can learn more details about the agreements signed with the suppliers and about the information they are obliged to publish on their websites through the InfoCenter section of the ANCOM website.

In case it is closed an agreement that does not specify whether or how the extension of the agreement is performed, ANCOM can take action. In this regard, a complaint must be filed to ANCOM, which ensures communication services market competition, protecting thus the interests of users indirectly.

Moreover, the user has the right to be notified within 30 days before the date on which the agreement is extended automatically, in order to express their option to extend its validity.

If the user does not receive this notice may address the National Authority for Consumer Protection. Also, in case the agreement is not fulfilled or respected by the providers, ANCOM has no regulatory competence of the situation and the user must address also the National Authority for Consumer Protection.