The meetings will take place over a period of one month, the first stage being set for dates 2- 7 April at the headquarters of ANPC, meetings in which the National Authority for the Protection of Consumer will act as a mediator.

According to the statement of the President of ANPC, Marius Alexandru Dunca, included in the press release, he called on banks to work with clients who can no longer pay the loan rates due to the increscent of euro, Swiss francs and dollars exchange.

The press release states that have been recorded in the last period, 240 complaints from consumers with mortgages and personal loans, who have loans in Swiss francs, among which 176 were analyzed by ANPC, which established the existence of abusive clauses relating to: “Adjusting the interest of the bank, in case of a significant change in the money market “; Changing fixed interest margin, banks taking advantage of consumer ignorance, or of the restrictive situation in financial terms; Penalty fees – percentage; Risk fee; Administration fee, a percentage of the entire credit amount; Administration fee, a percentage of the loan balance, but in a high percentage, at the same level of the annuity rate (credit) which does not justify its purpose; Fees for refund in advance, with higher percentages than those provided in OG 50/2010; Failure to inform on the foreign exchange risk, even if it was included in the warning clause, in the General Conditions of the Loan Granting; Conditioning the conversion of financial non framing, based on new conditions, the banks being only open to restructuring, which means a new analysis of the credit and of the financial possibilities of the consumers; Not being included in the APR costs the costs resulted from the increased exchange rate. “

It is also mentioned that ANPC sent to the court, so far, 23 minutes of referral of possible abusive clauses that are currently before the courts.