Are you looking to rent a office space in Romania? These are some unpleasant legal issues that may arise that you can prevent with the help of a specialized lawyer

Companies looking for an office space to rent in Romania should be very careful when setting rental conditions with the Romanian property owner. There have been few cases in which some companies have failed to organize events related to their own activity or to adapt the space of the building according to their own needs, because certain details of the rental contract forbidden these actions.

Also, other Romanian companies had the unpleasant surprise to discover later that the owner of the office they rented was another person from the one that signed the rental contract.
All these inconveniences can be avoided when you rent an office space in Romania by consulting a Romanian real estate, due diligence and construction lawyer, advice lawyers from Pavel, Margarit & Associates Romanian Law Firm. A legal consultant can adapt the rental contract to the tenant’s requirements, check the Romanian property status, and make any other legal action necessary in order to rent.

According to the Romanian Housing Law 114/1996, updated on 11.12.2008, the lease concluded between the landlord and the tenant must include some necessary elements as follows:
a) the address of the dwelling that is the subject of the lease;
b) must specific the housing and equipment to be used exclusively and jointly;
c) the area of courtyards and gardens used exclusively or jointly (if applicable);
d) the amount of the monthly rent, the rules for its modification and the method of payment;
e) amount paid in advance to the rent account;
f) the place and conditions under which the keys are received and restituted;
g) the obligations of the parties regarding the use and maintenance of the premises subject to the contract;
h) inventory of objects and equipment;
(i) the date of entry into force and the duration;
j) the conditions for the exclusive and joint use of the co-owned parties;
k) persons who will use the place with the contract holder;
l) other clauses agreed between the parties.

It’s not just necessary to verify that these items are “checked” in a lease contract. A Romanian lawyer specialized in real estate, due diligence and construction lawyer can advise the client to avoid misinterpretations that may become abusive and may notice the benefits or disadvantages of certain contract terms for the client.

Lease contracts for buildings in Romania may need some clauses revised and establish clear conditions of use, so that the tenant does to confront to unexpected situations. There are issues that may appear, hard to anticipate by a person who has no experience in such contracts. A Romanian real estate, due diligence and construction lawyer can prevent all these problems by establishing clear contractual clauses that meet the needs of the client, recommends lawyers from Pavel, Margarit & Associates Romanian Law Firm.


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