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What are the steps to follow for the valid conclusion of a sales agreement in Romania? Are the agreements concluded under private signature valid in Romania?

The Romanian legislation establishes a series of conditions regarding the conclusion of sales agreements in Romania. The Romanian Civil Code requires a certain form of conclusion of the sales agreement in Romania depending on the nature of the good whose property is transmitted. The law confers the title of agreement under private signature in Romania […]

Juridical Updates 08 September 2023

Order No. 301/2023 approving the Procedure for the implementation of the program for the organization of the Small and Medium-sized Enterprises Fair Considering: Based on the provisions of Article 57, paragraph (1) of Government Emergency Ordinance No. 57/2019 on the Administrative Code, with subsequent amendments and completions, the Minister of Economy, Entrepreneurship, and Tourism issues […]

Juridical Updates 04 September 2023

1.Order No. 6072/2023 approving transitional measures applicable to the national pre-university and higher education system Considering the provisions of Article 248, paragraph (2) of Law no. 198/2023 on pre-university education, as well as the provisions of Article 260, paragraph (2) of Law no. 199/2023 on higher education, Based on Article 13, paragraph (3) of Government […]

Juridical Updates 28 August 2023

Order No. 2192/2023 for the approval of the Funding Guide of the Program for improving air quality and reducing greenhouse gas emissions by using less polluting vehicles such as electric, hybrid, and compressed natural gas microbuses for student transport Considering the Approval Memorandum of the Environmental Fund Administration No. 59/ALA dated 11.07.2023 of the Funding […]

Five ways a director (administrator) could be held personally liable in Romania – civil, criminal, debts, removal/dismissal or in case of insolvency

The Romanian legislation provides a series of rules and obligations on the Romanian administrator regarding the conduct of his activity. According to the legislation in force, in Romania, the directors (called administrators in Romania) are personally responsible and liable for the damages caused. On the other hand, the administrator will be personally and jointly and […]

Juridical Updates 18 August 2023

1.Order no. 181/2023 for the approval of the De minimis aid scheme for economic operators from Romania in order to modernize and develop spa and spa resorts Considering the provisions: – Government Emergency Ordinance no. 59/2023 on establishing measures at the level of the central public administration in Romania – Government Decision no. 571/2019 on […]

Juridical Updates 04 august 2023

The Romanian Parliament adopts this law: (1) Fuel suppliers in Romania are required to provide non-biological renewable fuels from hydrogen suppliers in Romania. (2) Fuel suppliers in Romania have an obligation to ensure that the energy value from the quantity of fuels from non-biological renewable sources supplied on the market in Romania and used in […]

Event in Eastern Europe, Romania enacted the law on the integration of hydrogen from renewable sources in the field of industry and transport

According to the new legislative changes in the field of renewable energy in Romania, an important event in this regard is the promulgation of the law on the integration of hydrogen from renewable and low carbon sources in the sectors of industry and transport in Romania. The purpose of the changes is to integrate hydrogen […]

Juridical Updates 28 July 2023

Romanian Law no. 243/2023 regarding the approval of the Government Ordinance no. 6/2023 for the amendment of Law no. 212/2022 on some measures to reduce the seismic risk of buildings. In Article 9 para. 3 (points b) and c) are amended to read as follows: b) identification and inventory of multi-storey dwelling buildings, built before […]

Juridical Updates 21 July 2023

Law no. 222/2023 for the amendment and amending of the Romanian Companies Law no. 31/1990, as well as of Law no. 265/2022 on the Romanian Trade Register and for the amendment and completion of other normative laws affecting the registration in the Romanian Trade Register. The Romanian Parliament adopts this law. Art. I. Romanian Companies […]