Our people are our greatest assets

Successful and commercially viable

To achieve this value we will offer clients both litigation and consultancy work

  • Litigation will include: Civil, Commercial, Fiscal, Insolvency, Restructuring & Bankruptcy
  • Consultancy will include: Civil, Commercial, Corporate, Banking & Finance, M&A, Real Estate & Construction, Employment & Labour, Intellectual Property, Energy & Natural Resources
  • We will make sure we provide high-quality legal work
  • We will hire high-quality employ
  • We will expect high-utilisation
  • We will run our business cost effectively and efficiently with no waste

Open and transparent

To achieve this value we will want everybody to act in an open and transparent way

  • The law-firm will hold regular meetings to keep people informed
  • We will consult on key-decisions
  • We want an ethos of open discussion in a mature way. We are calm and responsive and not reactive. We want everybody to act in the same way
  • We will provide a quarterly summary of company performance
  • We want to give people the opportunity to offer suggestions for improving the company
  • We will have a transparent pay and incentive system that is based on performance and contribution to the company

Meaningful and done in a supportive and positive culture

To achieve this value we want the work we do for clients to be interesting

  • By positioning ourselves as a high-quality firm with high-quality employees we will be able to attract the most interesting work
  • We want our clients to be interesting clients in different sectors
  • We want our working lives outside of client work to be interesting and meaningful
  • We want people to offer suggestions on how we can make our working lives more interesting
  • We want work to be meaningful by people showing respect for colleagues, and supporting and cooperating with each other. This will be highly valued.

Fun while working for success

To achieve this value we want to be able to make sure that there are times at work when the pressure is off

  • We want all our team to be employed in creating and engaging in fun activities
  • We would like people to suggest ideas as we build a culture that is commercial, open, meaningful and FUN!

How will we use the values?

  • We believe everybody that works with us is a stakeholder in the company and they should see what we aspire to be
  • We want the values to guide the culture that we are developing in the company
  • We want people to understand what we see as important for the company so they can help us in the right way
  • We want the values to guide our decision-making and both our longer-term strategy and daily actions
  • We understand there will be trade-offs between the values from time to time but we expect when looking over time for us to perform well on each value

If you share our values, join our team! Send us your resume!