Our people are our greatest asset

We value our people

We believe that meaningful work and generous compensation are defining aspects you would want to encounter in a friendly work environment.
We commit ourselves to support your progress on meaningful work, so you feel great about working with us.
Feeling intrinsically motivated by the work itself leads you to perform better.

High-caliber clients – we serve leaders internal and international
Challenging legal projects in diversified industries
Experienced professionals – work and learn alongside exceptional people

Pavel Margarit and Associates is a team of young and ambitious business lawyers whose first and foremost goal is to make a difference. We provide high-end legal services on a vast range of complex projects.

We are committed to solve some of the most challenging legal issues by delivering excellence.

We are passionate about recruiting talents.

From day one, you will be treated as an important part of our team, because you are one. We will welcome you aboard, train you the PMA way and groom you to reach your full potential.

You are a key member to our team and you will feel it. We invite you to share your ideas and interact with clients and colleagues.

Delivering excellence to our clients by solving their complex legal issues is what we do best.

Positive personal impact – ability to impact outcomes and influence others
Your desire to make a difference when interacting with clients is crucial for your success. Make an impact, the world needs it!

Great communication skills – ability to communicate effectively
We seek for people who are active listeners, talk clearly, and master emotional intelligence.

Problem-solving skills – ability to solve complex legal issues and achieve outstanding results. We seek for people who are able to identify the problem, propose solutions, choose the best one, and implement it.

Strong leadership skills – ability to build long-term relationships with clients and colleagues
We seek for people who are team players and have positive interactions in a team and with clients.

Entrepreneurial spirit – ability to set and achieve challenging goals
Challenge yourself to become the best you can be. Constantly ask yourself the question: How could I do this better?

Passion for the legal profession – the ability to cultivate a winning mindset
We seek for people who have an immense passion for their profession, people who live and breathe the legal profession, who have deep and broad knowledge of the law and understand the dynamics of the legal field.

Pavel Margarit and Associates culture

Culture of positivity – we believe that a positive workplace environment is a key factor to your wellbeing. Your wellness is linked to increased productivity and lower stress level.

Yours ideas are important to us. You are encouraged to share your ideas and put them it into practice.
Diversification is essential for a concentric growth. Let’s grow together!

Join our team, send us your resume!