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E-Transport system in Romania

Corporate Lawyer in Romania. E-Transport System in Romania

E-Transport lawyer in Romania. Legal updates regarding E-Transport System in Romania The E-Transport system in Romania has recently undergone a series of legislative changes aimed at improving efficiency and transparency in the transport sector. These changes reflect the continuous efforts of authorities to adapt the legal framework to the current market needs and to promote […]

public procurement

Public procurement lawyer. Public procurement – Stages

Public procurement lawyer in Romania. Stages of the public procurement procedure in Romania The notion of public procurement in Romania encompasses the acquisition of works, goods, or services through public procurement contracts in Romania by contracting authorities in Romania from designated economic operators, regardless of whether the works, goods, or services are intended for public […]

Share transfer in Romania

Corporate Lawyer. Share transfer in Romania

General aspects of share transfer in Romania The transfer of shares in Romania is the method by which ownership of shares held by a shareholder in a limited liability company (LLC) is transferred to an individual or a company as a result of concluding a share transfer agreement in Romania. To carry out an assignment […]

Excluding associates from an LLC

Corporate litigation lawyer. Exclusion of a shareholder in Romania

How can a shareholder be excluded from a company in Romania? During commercial activities, different situations may arise where shareholders are excluded from a company, either due to a unilateral decision, internal disputes or changes in business perspectives. The procedure of exclusion of a shareholder in Romania is expressly regulated by Law no. 31/1990 on […]

start business

French citizens start businesses in Romania in 2024

Corporate Lawyers. Establishment of a company by French citizens in Romania As a member state of the European Union, Romania offers an attractive environment for foreign investments, including for French citizens wishing to establish companies in Romania. In this article, we will analyze the process of establishing a company by French citizens in Romania, the […]

trade register mentions

Trade register mentions in Romania

Corporate lawyer in Romania. Registration of trade register mentions in Romania In 2024, there are numerous advantages to establish a company in Romania, and more and more entrepreneurs are choosing to start a business. Once the company is established, various aspects may arise that will determine changes in the articles of association in Romania, such […]

open a business

Why you should open a business in Romania?

Corporate Lawyers. Why you should open a business in Romania? Currently, the process of company formation in Romania involves preparing and submitting the documentation required by the Trade Register, as well as obtaining the necessary authorizations to conduct the business legally. Additionally, it’s important for entrepreneurs to be aware that establishing a company in Romania […]

incorporating a LLC

Corporate lawyer in Romania. Incorporating an LLC in Romania

Why you should incorporate a limited liability company (LLC) in Romania? In 2024, to incorporate a company in Romania, there are numerous advantages for entrepreneurs, which is why more and more limited liability companies (LLC) in Romania are set up from year to year. According with the Company law no. 31/1990 For the company registration […]

tobacco import lawyer

Tobacco Attorneys in Romania. Changes regarding tobacco products

New changes to the legislation regarding tobacco products in Romania The end of March brought new legislative changes in the field of tobacco products in Romania. In this regard, Law no. 201/2016 on the conditions for the manufacture, presentation and sale of tobacco products and related products is amended and supplemented and among the novelties, […]


Corporate Lawyers. Company formation in Romania

Types of companies in Romania Currently, it is essential for a professional to initiate the process of company formation in Romania at the Trade Register and they have the option to choose between different legal forms, according to Law 31/1990 regarding companies in Romania, including joint-stock company in Romania, limited liability company in Romania, general […]