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    branch in Romania

    Branch in Romania

    How to incorporate a branch in Romania? According to the Romanian Companies Law no. 31/1990, the branch in Romania is an entity without legal personality, being a dismemberment of a company in Romania. It is necessary that before starting the economic activity in Romania, the branch is registered with the Romanian Trade Register of the […]

    What you need to know as a manufacturer and distributor of tobacco and electronic cigarettes products in Romania

    The Tobacco Products Directive (TPD) represents a set of European legislative rules designed to regulate the marketing and manufacturing of tobacco products, as well as related products such as electronic cigarettes and their liquids in Romania. One of the primary goals of the Tobacco Products Directive (TPD) is to regulate electronic cigarettes and their liquids, […]

    Changing headquarters of a company in Romania

    The headquarters of a company represents an important identification factor as it serves as the official address of the company and is used for official correspondence, administrative, tax, and legal communications. Therefore, the correct updating of the headquarters in legal documents is essential to ensure the proper reception of correspondence and official notifications. For changing […]

    What aspects should you take consider into consideration when incorporating a company in Romania in 2024?

    According to the Romanian Law no. 265/2022 on the trade register and for the modification and completion of other normative acts with an impact on the registration in the trade register, so that a professional can carry out economic activity in Romania, it is necessary, first of all, to require the registration of the company […]

    Relevant aspects regarding consumer protection law in Romania

    The Consumer Protection Law No. 21/1992 in Romania aims to balance the relationships between traders and consumers, ensuring consumer rights in Romania through deviations from common contract and civil liability law and promoting informed contractual consent, based on adequate consumer information to prevent the introduction of abusive contract clauses and violation of consumer rights. The […]

    How can you enter in Romanian e-cigarette market?

    Manufacturers of electronic cigarettes who want to operate on the Romanian e-cigarette market must consider some important aspects in order to carry out the entire activity in optimal and legal conditions. Thus, manufacturers and importers of electronic cigarettes in Romania and refill bottles  notify the Ministry of Health about any product that they intend to […]

    Five ways a director (administrator) could be held personally liable in Romania – civil, criminal, debts, removal/dismissal or in case of insolvency

    The Romanian legislation provides a series of rules and obligations on the Romanian administrator regarding the conduct of his activity. According to the legislation in force, in Romania, the directors (called administrators in Romania) are personally responsible and liable for the damages caused. On the other hand, the administrator will be personally and jointly and […]

    What is your company current approach to litigation in Romania?

    In the business field, the emergence of a dispute in Romania can represent a significant challenge as it affects the Romanian company’s reputation, its financial resources and time. Therefore, it is essential for companies in Romania to focus on preventing litigation in Romania rather than dealing with them later, which is why a lawyer specialized […]

    The Romanian Law Firm Pavel, Mărgărit and Associates assisted a company operating in the metallurgical field for the preparation of a company standard in accordance with EU and ASRO rules in Romania

    The Romanian Law Firm Pavel, Mărgărit and Associates successfully provided legal assistance to a prestigious Romanian company operating in the metallurgical field for the preparation of a company standard in accordance with EU and ASRO (Romanian Standardization Association). The law firm prepared a company standard and a statement of conformity and provided consultancy to the […]

    How can you proceed in case related to the liability of the administrator of a company in Romania?

    The administrator of the company is responsible for all actions or failures to act, as per the obligations provided by the law and of the articles of association of the company. The administrator shall be jointly and severally liable for carrying out the decisions of the general meetings of the shareholders and the activities of […]