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How can you obtain the right of asylum in Romania?

Considering the fact that the military aggression in Ukraine has led to mass displacements of the population to the neighboring countries, we hereby present to you the requirements for obtaining the right of asylum in Romania and the possibilities of the refugees to stay in Romania under the current conditions. Moreover, we will also refer […]

Regaining citizenship for those persons who lost it and their descendants

Romanian citizenship may be obtained by persons who lost this status, as well by their descendants, relatives of maximum second degree, if these ones demand regaining citizenship.  The file for regaining of Romanian citizenship includes certificates that require legalization, statements, as well as evidence of the date when citizenship was lost. A Romanian citizenship and […]

Transcription of foreign civil status documents into Romanian registries

Any Romanian citizen is obliged by law to transcribe their civil status documents obtained abroad. Foreign civil status means for example birth certificates of Romanian citizens born abroad, marriage certificates of Romanian citizens married abroad, death certificates of Romanian citizens who died abroad. The Romanian citizen must apply on their own name or through an authorized […]

How can a Romanian citizenship lawyer help you get Romanian citizenship at your request

Romanian citizenship, immigration and naturalization lawyerIn the current geopolitical, socio-economic context and taking into account the investment potential in Romania, more and more people want to obtain or regain Romanian citizenship. A Romanian citizenship lawyer, specialized in Romanian citizenship and immigration, can perform all the tasks required to obtain of regain Romanian citizenship, recommend lawyers […]

The Constitutional Court decision on rejection of the exceptions of unconstitutionality of the provisions of OUG no. 194/2002 on foreigners

  The criticized article of law refers to the extension of the temporary residence in Romania for work purposes, for strangers who entered Romania for this purpose, if they prove the existence of concluding an individual labor contract, full time, which is registered in the General Register of the Employees, with a salary at least […]

Immigration law in Romania, seeking an immigration lawyer for obtaining Romanian citizenship

Immigration law provides the right of foreign to apply for Romanian citizenship. With the help of an immigration attorney specialized in immigration law you can obtain details about the conditions to be fulfilled in order to obtain Romanian visas, resident permit in Romania and Romanian citizenship. An immigration lawyer will help you with submitting the […]