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Creating an account

Could opening an account on a social network using other people’s names lead to criminal charges?

In the context of technological development and the appearance of various social networks that are expanding and monopolizing our lives, the criminal phenomena has also increased accordingly to the development and improvement of various methods that are materialized in computer crimes in Romania. Pavel, Margarit and Associates Romanian Law Firm recommends addressing to a lawyer […]

laptop lawyer property law

It was published the final version of the law “Big Brother”. What is the time limit allowed to providers for data storage?

The law will come into force on 17.10.2015. According to this law, “traffic data relating to subscribers and users, processed and stored by the provider of a public electronic communication network service for the public, must be erased or transformed into anonymous data, then when are no longer required for the transmission of a communication, […]

laptop lawyer property law

Huge fines for parents who do not inform the authorities when their children perform artistic activities

The conditions of development of the activities provided by the children in cultural, artistic, sports, advertising and modeling domains, according to the Decision, are the following: a)     not to represent in hazardous child labor, in accordance with the law; b)    to be conducted, depending on the age of the child, in the following interval: 9.00 […]