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real estate lawyer in Romania

The importance of a real estate lawyer in real estate projects in Romania

Essential Legal Aspects for Real Estate Developers in Romania: PUZ, Urbanism Certificate, litigation and contracts In the context of continuous urban and real estate changes, obtaining the necessary authorizations for starting new constructions involves submitting a series of documents and adhering to strict rules imposed by current legislation, making the procedure increasingly complex. From finalizing […]

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Real Estate Lawyers in Romania. Due diligence and SPA

Real Estate Lawyers in Romania. Due diligence and purchasing an apartment or building in Romania Legally, purchasing/buying an apartment or building in Romania often involves the preliminary signing of a pre-sale and purchase agreement in Romania between the buyer and the real estate developer in Romania. Given that most apartment or building acquisitions in residential […]

ANRP decisions in Romania

Appealing ANRP decisions in Romania

ANRP lawyer in Romania. Appealing ANRP decisions in Romania The communist regime had a major impact on properties, being abusively confiscated during that period in Romania. According to the provisions of the Romanian Law No. 10/2001, properties are returned in kind or compensated through ANRP compensation in Romania. Individuals entitled to ANRP compensation in Romania […]

Property right in Romania

Real Estate Law Firm. Property right in Romania

What are the ways of acquiring ownership of real estate in Romania?           According to Romanian legislation, the property right in Romania can be acquired through agreement, legal or testamentary inheritance, accession in Romania, usucaption in Romania, as a result of good faith possession in the case of movable property and fruits, by occupation, tradition, […]

Disputes regarding the reclaim of nationalized property in Romania

The communist period, years 1945-1989, had a major influence regarding a constitutional right, namely the right of ownership in Romania, as properties were abusively taken over by the state. Thus, it was subsequently aimed at developing and implementing measures related to the reclamation of nationalized buildings, given the evolution of the democratic society. The Romanian […]

Disputes regarding neighbourly relations in Romania (delimitation of property boundaries, easement on property/servitude)

According to the civil code, the private property right in Romania includes in its contents the right of possession, use and disposition of an exclusive, absolute and perpetual good, within the limits established by law. In the case of an immovable good, the private property right in Romania, in order to be acquired, must be […]

Disputes regarding severence of joint tenancy and partition action in real estate law in Romania

The joint tenancy institution in Romania refers to that situation where two or more persons (tenants in common) have in joint property in Romania a certain asset, whether it is a movable or immovable property. In general, there is confusion between the notion of severalty and joint tenancy in Romania. The difference between joint tenancy […]

Real estate litigation with developers in Romania

Most of the time, buying a new apartment in residential complexes from developers in Romanian takes place when the construction is still in the real estate development phase. This involves potential risks related to construction delays, construction defects or unexpected changes in the initial project. Legally, purchasing a property at the real estate development stage […]

The latest amendments in the field of energy and construction in Romania

The construction of photovoltaic parks in Romania employing electricity from renewable sources in Romania have registered a significant increase recently, due to the development of the field of energy and constructions in Romania. Solar energy in Romania has become one of the most common energy sources, which facilitates the expansion of photovoltaic parks in Romania. […]

How to request the termination of the promissory sale and purchase agreement of immovables properties with the re-establishment of the parties to their position prior to concluding the agreement in Romania?

The promissory sale and purchase agreement of immovables properties in Romania, it is an agreement concluded in legalized form by means of which the owner of immovables in Romania undertakes to sell the property to the buyer in the future on an agreed date. The essential characteristics of the synalagmatic agreements are the reciprocity and […]