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european payment order

How do you execute an European payment order in Romania?

How do you execute an European payment order in Romania? The need for continuous adaptation to changes in modern society has prompted the adoption of a law, namely the Regulation no. 1896/2006 establishing an European payment order procedure. The rationale behind the adoption of this regulation was to remove barriers to open and effective access […]

partition in Romania

Partition Lawyer. Partition Action

Partition Action marriage partition divorce partition and partition in inheritance procedure in Romania According to the provisions of the New Civil Code, partition in Romania is the legal process to divide co-ownership in Romania or part the equitable interest in real property in Romania amongst co-owners. If those who exercise joint ownership do not proceed […]

Lease Contract in Romania

Lease Contract in Romania

Lease Contract in Romania According to the Civil Code, lease is the contract by which one party, called the lessor, undertakes to provide the other party, called the lessee, with the use of a property for a certain period in exchange for a price, known as rent. The lease of real estate and of movable […]

Alternative dispute resolution in Romania

According to Romanian legislation, there are methods by which a creditor can recover a debt or claim by resolving disputes without the necessity of initiating legal proceedings. In this regard, the creditor can choose for alternative dispute resolution methods before resorting to court for collection of debt and resolve the dispute That is why The […]

Civil disputes concerning contract cancellation in Romania

The civil contract in Romania is concluded by agreement of the parties, being mandatory to respect the substantive and formal conditions imposed by the Romanian civil code. These legal provisions establish that any contract concluded in violation of the conditions required by law for its valid conclusion attracts the nullity of a contract, either absolute […]

Appealing the decisions issued by CNCI/ANRP in Romania

The restitution of properties in Romania confiscated by the communist regime represents a condamnation of communist abuses and a form of material and moral reparation for unjust behavior. Due to the prolonged duration of resolving ANRP decisions, adjusting compensations reasonably regarding the value of properties unable to be directly restituted should be done through property […]

What are the ways of recovering unpaid debts in Romania?

In general, the right of claim arises from a legal relationship between the parties on the basis of a signed agreement. Most of the time, the creditor obtains the debt recovery in Romania amicably, being the fastest way to settle the dispute. Amicable settlement is the most effective method of recovering unpaid debts in Romania […]

Disputes regarding the right of ownership and real property in Romania

From the perspective of forms of ownership, it is divided into public or private property. Private property is the right of the owner to possess, use, dispose and the right of control of a real property in Romania exclusively, absolutely, and continuously, within the conditions of the real estate law, which may impose limitations on […]

Termination and rescission of the agreement. Terminating the contract in a civil litigation in Romania

According to the Romanian civil code, terminating the contract in Romania can happen in various ways, the main reason being, in general, non-compliance with contractual obligations. The Romanian Civil Code provides as ways to terminating the contract in Romania, among others, the termination and rescission in Romania. Termination and rescission in Romania are legal sanctions […]

Tortious action in Romania. Torts of negligence

The tortious action in Romania primarily aims to remedy harm resulting from torts of negligence, negligence of duty, negligence of duty at work, intentional negligence, willful negligence and willful misconduct while also aiming to instill a sense of proper and responsible conduct for citizens in Romania. Any individual who has discernment has the obligation to […]