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Anti-Money Laundering Policy

Anti-Money Laundering Policy in Romania

The obligation to implement the anti-money laundering policy in a company In contemporary society, the prevention and combating money laundering in Romania have become increasingly important. The legislative framework, specifically the Romanian Law No. 129/2019 on preventing and combating money laundering and terrorist financing, has instituted a series of obligations for companies. The rationale for […]


Gdpr lawyer Romania. Excessive monitoring of personal data

Gdpr lawyer in Romania. Excessive monitoring of personal data and sanctions in Romania. Any operation involving the registration, storage, or disclosure of personal data (GDPR in Romania) also involve a manifestation of the free and informed will of the person, whereby they accept, either through a GDPR form in Romania or through unequivocal action, that […]

GDPR in Romania

GDPR in Romania

Protection of personal data in Romania. The right to be forgotten Personal data in Romania consist of any information that contributes to the individualization of a person and allows its identification. Given the constant evolution of the modern society and technology, it was necessary to implement strict rules on the protection of personal data in […]

What are the steps to follow in case of violation of the right to the protection of personal data ( GDPR )?

Both national and European legislations guarantee the right to the protection of personal data to any citizen of state that is part of the European Union. The applicable provisions set out the fair treatment of the personal data for specific purposes, ensuring that every individual has the right to access their personal data and to […]