Category: Juridical Updates

Legal Updates 17 May 2022

1.The Romanian decision no. 11/2022 regarding the examination of the notification filed by the Cluj Court of Appeal – Criminal Section, by which, pursuant to the art. 476 para. (1) related to the art. 475 of the Romanian Code of Criminal Procedure, a preliminary ruling on legal matters was requested, ruled by The Romanian High […]

Legal Updates 8 May 2022

1.The Order no. 430/2022 for amending and supplementing the Regulation on the implementation, verification and reception of the systematic cadastral works and the ex officio registration of the property in the land book, approved through the Order of the General Directorate of the National Agency for Cadastre and Real Estate Advertising in Romania no. 1/2020 […]

Legal Updates 29 April 2022

1. The Romanian Decision no. 3/2022 regarding the examination of the complaint submitted by the Cluj Court of Appeal, Criminal Section, through which, based on the art. 476, para. (1) of the Romanian Criminal Procedure Code, related to the art. 475 of the Romanian Procedure Code, requests a preliminary ruling on a legal matter, adopted […]

Legal Updates 22 April 2022

1.The Romanian Emergency Ordinance no. 44/2022 regarding the establishment of the measures under the health system in Romania, as well as for the interpretation, amendment and supplement of some normative acts in Romania To convicted person, the vaccination activity against COVID-19 in Romania is carried out exclusively through the Romanian medical offices from the Romanian […]

Legal Updates 15 April 2022

1.The Romanian Law no. 69/2022 regarding the amendment and supplement of the Law no. 8/1996 on copyrights of artistic works in Romania It is considered that an artistic work in Romania or other protected object is outside the commercial circuit when it can be assumed, in good faith, that the entire artistic work in Romania […]

Legal Updates 9 April 2022

The Romanian Law no. 73/2022 regarding the amendment and supplement of the Government Emergency Ordinance no. 158/2005 on leave and social health indemnity benefits in Romania For the children for whom the quarantine or isolation measure was ordered in Romania under the conditions of the Romanian Law no. 136/2020, the insured persons, for whom the […]

Legal Updates 3 April 2022

The Romanian Emergency Ordinance no. 28/2022 on the amendment of some normative acts At the article 1 of the Romanian Emergency Ordinance no. 15/2022 on providing support and humanitarian assistance by the Romanian state to foreign citizens or apatrids in special situations, coming from the area of the military operations in Ukraine, the paragraph (10) […]

Legal Updates 26 March 2022

1.The Order no. 43/2022 regarding the approval of the procedure for providing the social services for the adults with disabilities, accompanied or unaccompanied, who entered Romania from the area of armed conflict in Ukraine and who do not request a form of protection according to the Law no. 122/2006 on asylum in Romania An adult […]

Legal Updates 21 March 2022

The Romanian employment procedure of Ukrainian citizens coming from the area of the military operations in Ukraine, from 09.03.2022, in Romania The Ukrainian citizens who come from the area of armed conflict in Ukraine and want to get a job in Romania, but do not own the documents proving their professional qualification or work experience, […]

Legal Updates 14 March 2022

The Decision no. 194/2022 regarding the establishment, performance and attributions of the Inter-institutional Commission “Ukraine” in Romania The Commission aims to monitor, submit the proposals and centralize the information regarding the progress of the conflict situation in Ukraine, at national level in Romania.   The Romanian Emergency Ordinance no. 191/2020 on the extension of the […]