Category: Juridical Updates

Juridical Updates 3 February 2023

Romanian Order no. 2.228/2022 / 3.025/2023 amending and completing the methodology for the authorization of providers of professional training for adults, approved by order of the Minister of Labour, Social Solidarity and Family and of the Minister of Education, Research and Youth no. 353/5.202/2003   The authorization of vocational training providers is based on the […]

Juridical Updates 27 January 2023

Order no. 626/2023 on the consumer price index used to update the advance payments based on the annual corporate tax For fiscal year 2023, the consumer price index used to update the foreseeable payments to the annual corporate tax account is 109.6%. The General Directorate of tax legislation and Customs and Accounting Regulations, the General […]

Juridical Updates 20 January 2023

Amendments and completions to the Regulation for approval, reception and registration in Land Registry records, approved by the Order of the General Director of the Romanian National Agency for Cadastre and Land Registration no. 700/2014, as of 10.01.2023 During the works of drawing up the parcel plan, the steps provided in Article 40, paragraphs (4) […]

Juridical Updates 13 January 2023

The procedure regarding the monitoring and control activity of the compliance by the structures provided in Article 359 paragraph (1) of Romanian Law no. 227/2015 on the Romanian Fiscal Code, as amended and supplemented, of the legal conditions regarding the authorization of authorized warehouses, registered recipients, registered consignors and authorized importers, since 23.11.2022 The monitoring […]

Juridical Updates 6 January 2023

Decision no. 18/2022 of the High Court of Cassation and Justice – the panel competent to judge the referral in the interest of the law, regarding the case no. 1.423/1/2022   By referral in the interest of the law, it is requested to give a unitary interpretation and application of the provisions of paragraph (2) […]

Juridical Updates 23 December 2022

Law 370/2022 on the approval of Romanian Government Ordinance no. 16/2022-amending the Romanian Fiscal Code For construction employers, the way of calculating the percentage of 80% turnover in construction in total revenues is changed. This percentage is determined as the ratio of the total income from the construction activity carried out on the territory of […]

Juridical Updates 16 December 2022

Romanian Emergency Ordinance no. 164/2022 amending and supplementing Government Emergency Ordinance no. 111/2010 on leave and monthly allowance for raising children Throughout the period until the child reaches the age of 2 years old, respectively 3 years old, in the case of the disabled child, the beneficiary may request the recalculation of the amount of […]

Juridical Updates 9 December 2022

Order no. 5.309/C/2022 amending and completing the order of the Minister of Justice no. 3.431/C/2019 for the approval of the forms of registration notices regarding the registrations made in the Romanian National Register of Mobile Advertising and the instructions for filling in these forms   The Romanian competent body or its representative may request the […]

Juridical Updates 25 November 2022

Decision no. 50/2022 on the examination of the complaint lodged by the Court of Appeal Oradea – Administrative and tax litigation Section in the file no. 2,670/111/CA/2021-R   The Romanian Court of Appeal of Oradea – Administrative and Fiscal litigation Department, by concluding on 13 May 2022, given in the case no. 2,670/111/CA/2021-R, ordered the […]

Juridical Updates 18 November 2022

Decision no. 21/2022 of the Romanian High Court of Cassation and Justice on the admission of the appeal in the interest of the law declared by the Management College of the Court of Appeal Galati The Ruling Council of the Court of Appeal of Galați has notified the Romanian High Court of Cassation and Justice […]