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How can you obtain the annulment, amendment or rectification of the civil status documents in Romania?

Given the fact that in practice various errors may occur when drafting the civil status documents, Pavel, Margarit and Associates Romanian Law Firm recommends contacting a specialized lawyer in Litigation, Dispute resolution and Family law in Romania who can advise you on the legal means that one may employ with the aim of obtaining the […]

Arbeitsvertrag/Vertrag vs. Kooperationsvertrag

How can you execute a contractual obligation without payment in Romania ?

The agreement signed between the parties creates rights and obligations, producing effects for the established period of time. In general, the contractual obligations assumed by a contractual partner are settled by their voluntary performance, i.e. by the remission of a sum of money or by the performance of the object of the obligation. However, there […]

excluding shareholders

How to appeal a final judgement to the ECHR? Procedure before the European Court of Human Rights

Any person who is in a situation where a final judgment ruled in Romania prejudices his interests may appeal against the final judgment, following the procedure before the European Court of Human Rights. The Romanian Law firm Pavel, Mărgărit & Associates recommends addressing to a lawyer specialized in litigation and human rights legislation to guide […]

patrimonial liability

How can you appeal against an enforceable title?

The appeal against enforcement is a way to obtain the annulment of any measure of forced execution by the interested party by forced execution. After the initiation of forced execution, the interested parties may request by means of appeal against enforcement the annulment of the hearing report by which the application for a declaration of […]

Promissory note / Cheque / Bill of exchange

How to start a litigation matter in Romania against a contractual partner?

Signing an agreement in Romania creates rights and obligations between the parties for a particular period of time. Thus, by starting a litigation matter in Romania, one person may claim the obligation of the other party to respect the violated right or to perform the assumed obligation, and if it is no longer possible, to […]

Wie erhalte ich die rückwirkende Annullierung einer in Rumänien rechtswidrig ausgestellten Eigentumsurkunde?

Wie erhalte ich die rückwirkende Annullierung einer in Rumänien rechtswidrig ausgestellten Eigentumsurkunde?

The annulment of an illegally issued title deed in Romania may be requested by any person justifying an interest. If title deed was issued on the name of another person this could be subject of annulment in Romania. Court will settle the property right over the land in Romania according with the documents submitted.. In […]

Wie kann ein Gesellschafter ausgeschlossen werden

Wie kann ein Gesellschafter bei Streitigkeiten zwischen Gesellschaftern aus einer rumänischen Gesellschaft ausgeschlossen werden?

Das Verfahren zum Ausschluss eines Aktionärs aus einer Gesellschaft im Falle eines Aktionärsstreits in Rumänien wird durch das rumänische Gesellschaftsgesetz Nr. 31/1990. Die Streitsituationen zwischen Anteilseignern eines Unternehmens in Rumänien sind vielfältig und unterschiedlich und erreichen den Punkt, an dem einige der Anteilseigner einen Anteilseigner ausschließen wollen […]

What can you do in order to recover your debt in Romania?

Romanian Law provides to each creditor alternative solutions in order to recover a claim/debt from the Romanian debtor, whether it is a Romanian Court action, such as a legal claim, payment ordinance, small claims, or other preliminary proceedings in debt recovery in Romania. A specialized lawyer in dispute resolution, litigation, debt recovery and enforcement proceedings […]

enforcement or foreclosure

How to appeal an enforcement or foreclosure in Romania?

Any person who faces an illegally initiated enforcement or foreclosure in Romania can challenge it by filing an enforcement appeal within the time limit provided by Romanian law. The Romanian Law Firm Pavel, Mărgărit and Associates recommends hiring a lawyer specialized in commercial and enforcement law and litigation who will be able to analyze whether […]

Beschwerde gegen das Steuerverwaltungsdokument

Beschwerde gegen das Steuerverwaltungsdokument

Any person who faces a tax decision issued by an authority within the National Agency for Fiscal Administration (ANAF) has the right to challenge it, as provided in the tax legislation. Pavel, Margarit and Associates recommends a lawyer specialized in tax law and tax dispute and litigation may proceed to take all steps to file […]