Kategorie: Rechtliche Aktualisierungen

Juridical Updates 25 November 2022

Decision no. 50/2022 on the examination of the complaint lodged by the Court of Appeal Oradea – Administrative and tax litigation Section in the file no. 2,670/111/CA/2021-R   The Romanian Court of Appeal of Oradea – Administrative and Fiscal litigation Department, by concluding on 13 May 2022, given in the case no. 2,670/111/CA/2021-R, ordered the […]

Juridical Updates 18 November 2022

Decision no. 21/2022 of the Romanian High Court of Cassation and Justice on the admission of the appeal in the interest of the law declared by the Management College of the Court of Appeal Galati The Ruling Council of the Court of Appeal of Galați has notified the Romanian High Court of Cassation and Justice […]

Juridical Updates 11 November 2022

    1. The rules regarding the authorization and verification of training service providers for cyber security in Romania, from 14.10.2022 These rules regarding the authorization of cyber security training service providers in Romania, hereinafter referred to as rules, establish the legal framework regarding the authorization of cyber security training service providers in Romania, respectively for […]

Juridical Updates 4 November 2022

Code of professional ethics and discipline of the National Union of insolvency practitioners in Romania, since 29.09.2007 The independence of action in the practice of insolvency practitioner must be freely manifested toward any interest that may be incompatible with the integrity and objectivity of the practitioner. Conflict of interest is the state of the Member […]

Juridical Updates 28 October 2022

Decision no. 630/2022 on the procedure for granting, suspending and withdrawing the decision on accreditation of certification Romanian service providers For accreditation, the certification of Romanian service provider must prove the use of at least 5 persons employed on the basis of individual full-time employment contracts or by concluding service contracts with companies or authorized […]

Juridical Updates 21 October 2022

Law no. 283/2022 amending and supplementing Law no. 53/2003 of Romanian Labor Code, as well as Government Emergency Ordinance no. 57/2019 on the Romanian Administrative Code Victimization consists of any adverse treatment, which comes in response to a complaint or referral to the Romanian competent authorities, respectively to a legal action regarding the violation of […]

Juridical Updates 14 October 2022

Decision no. 81/2022 on the approval of the format of the repertoire of press publications of collective management organizations in Romania It is necessary to mention the original title of the press publication, the international identification code – ISSN – under which the publication is registered, the media form related to the publication, respectively written […]

Juridical Updates 7 October 2022

Circular no. 31/2022 regarding the reference interest rate level of the national Bank of Romania Regarding the provisions of Romanian Government Ordinance no. 13/2011 on the remuneration and penalty legal interest for monetary obligations, as well as for the Regulation of financial and fiscal measures in the banking field in Romania, approved by Law no. […]

Rechtliche Aktualisierungen 30. September 2022

The Romanian Decision no. 2/2022 for the amendment and supplement of the Decision of the Congress of the National Union of Insolvency Practitioners in Romania no. 3/2007 regarding the approval of the Statute on the organization and exercise of the profession of insolvency practitioner and the Code of professional ethics and discipline of the National […]

Rechtliche Aktualisierungen 23. September 2022

1)Order no. 1679/2022 approves The Procedure (the model, content and instructions for completing the fiscal Form 177) regarding the redirection of the profit tax/income tax of micro-enterprises, according to the law, for sponsoring and/or acts of patronage or the granting of private scholarships.   2)Emergency ordinance no. 125/2022 for the amendment and completion of the […]