Also, the employer is obliged to organize the training of its employees in the sector of health and safety at work, periodically, and necessarily in the case of new employees, those who change their job or type of work and those who resume their activity after an interruption of more than 6 months.

Also, the employer is responsible for ensuring the conditions for first aid in case of accidents at work and to create conditions for fire prevention and evacuation of employees in particular situations and in case of imminent danger.

Employers are liable to fines for not respecting the obligations in connection with HSW, which are contained in Law no. 319 dated 14.07.2006, published in the Official Gazette no. 646 dated 26.07.2006.

Thus, the employers who have not prepared a plan of preventive and protective measures consisting of technical, health, organizational, based on the risk assessment to properly apply it to specific work conditions of the unit, have not an operating permit from the point of view of the HSW, before starting any work, did not alter the state of facts resulting from an accident or collective death or who do not provide personal protective equipments, risk a fine between 5,000 lei and 10,000 lei.

Employers who do not have a risk assessment for HSW, who do not decide on the protective measures that should be taken, who do not adopt solutions under the legal provisions in force in HSW, who do not establish for employees their respective duties and responsibilities under HSW, who do not develop their own instructions for applying the rules of HSW, who do not control the knowledge and application by all employees of the measures established through the protection plan, who do not inform each person prior to employment on the risks of the place of work, who do not ensure continuously and proper function of the protective systems and devices, who do not provide training to employees or who do not report to territorial labor inspectorate the work accidents, are punished with a fine between 4,000 lei and 8,000 lei.

If the employers, taking into account the nature of the activities of the enterprise / unit, do not evaluate the risks for HSW, do not prepare preventive measures and working methods to ensure security and to improving the protection of employees’ health, do not take appropriate measures so that, in the specific high-risk areas, to be allowed access only for workers who have received adequate instructions and have learned them, who do not inform employees who are or may be exposed to serious and imminent danger risks involved and the measures taken or that need to be taken for their protection, who do not ensure work equipments without danger for the health and safety of employees, or do not report any events related to work accidents to the labor inspectorates, risk fines between 3,500 lei and 7,000 lei.

If the employer fails to meet its obligations related to taking the necessary measures for first aid, fire fighting and evacuation of workers, adapted to the nature of the activities and size of the company, if they do not ensure food safety and sanitary materials or if they do not declare the occupational diseases, they are liable to fines between 3,000 lei and 6,000 lei.

The competent authority regarding enforcement of the legislation on safety and health at work is the Labor Inspection, which controls how the national legislation in the field of safety and health is applied to all individuals and companies.