Services on a global scale with AEA Lawyers Network

Pavel, Margarit & Associates aims to be an internationally node of juridical knowledge in Romania and to provide to his clients global services.

The firm is a part of global lawyers networks and has affiliations with several law firms all across the globe.

Pavel, Margarit & Associates is an active member of the Asociación Europea de Abogados (AEA International Lawyer network).

The AEA Network has 100% world coverage. The AEA Network is an international network with offices situated all over the world. The AEA covers all the 193 countries that are in the United Nations plus Taiwan, Kosovo and Palestine.

The AEA lawyers network has the most prestigious and important offices in each country within its group along with the best professionals.

The network was founded in the European Union and with time has been growing and expanding to a more global scale, starting with the European countries that were not part of to the European Union and then expanding to countries in America, Asia and Africa.

In most of the countries all the larger cities have AEA offices, and some cities have more than one. The offices had been chosen rigorously following the criteria the AEA require, professionalism, competence and effectiveness of each professional chosen.

The Association has been very strict in his selection of the lawyers, offering uniform quality standards but also with an unimpeachable ethics and deontology in all the members.

In a world that is globalizing by the hour, the objective of the AEA is to offer services on a global scale. Like this, companies can count with a network of lawyers that perform in coordination with even guidelines, all of them English-speaking. Thats why, if a company has business in several countries, the AEA offers them the advantage of not having to commit to the task of searching for diverse lawyers, and also allows them the celebration of one agreement that grants them coverage in all the world.

Pavel, Margarit & Associates, Romanian Law Firm, member of the international network Family Law Europe

Pavel, Margarit & Associates is also an active member in the Family Law Europe, an International and Cross Border Family Law Experts in the Eastern Europe Region, which include jurisdictions of Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Belarus and Russia.

The lawyers from Family Law Europe Network provide legal advice on all areas of family law in international and cross border family law matters.