According to the Ordinance, compared to the old regulation, was introduced a new provision regarding “the guarantee of legal compliance” which is the legal protection of the consumer resulting from operation of law in relation to non-compliance, representing the legal obligation of the seller to the consumer as without requesting additional costs, to bring the product into compliance, including refund of the price paid by the consumer, repair or replace the product if it does not meet the conditions set forth in the statements relating to warranty or advertising related and ” durable product “, which is a complex product consisting of parts and assemblies, designed and built to be used over and over which the average user can perform repairs or maintenance activities.

Under the new rules, “Any repair or replacement of the products will be made within a period of time mutually agreed in writing between the seller and the consumer, taking into account the nature of the goods and the purpose for which it has requested the products. The time period can not exceed 15 calendar days from the date the buyer, as appropriate, announced to the seller the lack of conformity of the product or delivered the product to the seller or the person designated by it on the basis of minutes of delivery.” Compared to the previous regulation, the 15 day period begins and the date the product was delivered to the seller or the person designated by it on the basis of a minutes of delivery.

Also, in addition to the old regulation it is provided that: “The downtime due to lack of conformity occurred within the warranty period extends the warranty term of legal compliance and that of the commercial guarantee and flows, as appropriate, from the time it was disclosed to the seller the lack of conformity of the product or from the moment of submitting the product to the seller / service unit in order to bring the product into normal use, respectively, of notification in writing to lift the product or effective giving the product to the consumers. Durable products that replace defective products within warranty period will benefit from a new warranty period which begins on the date the product was exchanged.

The durable products defected within the term of legal guarantee of conformity, when they can not be repaired or when the cumulative downtime due to deficiencies occurred during the term of legal guarantee of compliance exceeds 10% of the length of this term, at the consumers request, shall be replaced by the seller or it will refund to the consumer the amount paid for the product.

Warranty period starts from the date of coming into possession of the good by the consumer, including for new durable goods obtained by random draw sweepstakes, won at contests and similar or granted with discount price or free by operators.