According to the Order, the minimum package of health services in primary care will include the following types of care: medical services for medical-surgical emergency; surveillance and screening of potential epidemic diseases; monitoring advice of pregnancy evolution and puerperium; family planning consultations; prevention services; support activities.

Also, there were amended the provisions on preventive types of services – preventive consultation and clinical evaluation, which shall include:

1. Preventive consultation for people aged over 18 to prevent disease with major consequences in morbidity and mortality – once every 3 years, including: consultation (history, physical examination, diagnosis); recommendation for laboratory tests when there is clinical suspicion arguments of pathological condition documented in the clinical record; medical classification of the insured in a risk group. The consultation can be made at the request of the individual who benefits from the minimal package or at the request of the family doctor, in the month in which the uninsured individual is born for the uninsured individuals registered on the list of the family doctor; Consultation preventive consultation involves one every 3 calendar years.

2. Periodic evaluation of clinical development for patients with chronic conditions – annually, under the competences, and includes: medical advice, recommendations of hygienic-dietary regime and other activities which do not end with medical prescription or prescription of medical laboratory investigations.

Were also amended the provisions on health services package in outpatient care, which shall include the following types of care: consultations for surgical emergencies; consultations for surveillance and detection of potential epidemic diseases; consultations pregnancy and puerperium monitoring development; consultations for providing family planning services. The latter provide: counseling women on family planning; indication of contraception in people without risk.

The Order came into force on January 1, 2015.