1. Decision no. 81/2022 on the approval of the format of the repertoire of press publications of collective management organizations in Romania
  • It is necessary to mention the original title of the press publication, the international identification code – ISSN – under which the publication is registered, the media form related to the publication, respectively written (printed) or online. For printed publications, the periodicity of the publication will be mentioned.


  • It is necessary to mention the name of the right holder in Romania according to the assignment/license agreements concluded in this regard.


  1. Rule no. 25/2022 on the authorization of companies and the carrying out of the insurance and reinsurance business in Romania
  • The establishment of Romanian joint-stock companies and mutual insurance companies, Romanian legal entities, is carried out only on the basis of the opinion issued by A.S.F (The Financial Supervisory Authority in Romania). The insurance and reinsurance activity on the territory of Romania by companies, Romanian legal entities, is carried out only on the basis of the operating authorization issued by A.S.F. Prior to the date of submission of the application accompanied by the related documentation for the start of the settlement process, applicants or companies may request the FSA to organize physical meetings or by electronic means in order to clarify some elements related to the proposed settlement process, especially if it is estimated to be highly complex.


  • The process of authorization of companies by A.S.F. includes two stages: a) issuing decisions to grant the approval for their establishment in accordance with Romanian Law no. 31/1990 companies Law and registering with the trade register office or issuing reasoned decisions to reject requests for approval; b) issuing decisions to: granting authorization for the operation and approval of significant shareholders and approval of the persons appointed to management.