1. Order no. 959/2023 on amending and supplementing the technical regulation “Normative for the design, execution and operation of electrical installations related to buildings”

This Regulation shall apply to the design, execution and operation of related electrical installations buildings, regardless of the form of ownership, for example:

a) civil buildings (for living, administration, trade, health, culture, education, sports, tourism etc.);
b) industrial buildings – production and / or storage;
c) mixed buildings (civil and industrial – production and / or storage, embedded in the same built volume);
d) buildings with agro-industrial and agro-zootechnical functions;
e) prefabricated buildings;
f) buildings related to craft ports;
g) outdoor and similar outdoor lighting electrical installations related to buildings;
h) construction sites, exhibitions, fairs and other temporary installations;
i) photovoltaic installations related to buildings;
j) low voltage generator sets;
k) consumer facilities located outside the building;
l) reconstruction, consolidation, modification, extension, rehabilitation or repair works, where interventions are made on electrical installations;

2. Decision no. 64/2023 on the proposal for a Regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council amending Regulation (EU) 2019/1,242 on strengthening CO2 emission performance standards for new heavy vehicles and integrating reporting obligations and repealing Regulation (EU) 2018/956

Romanian Senate:

a) the European Commission’s commitment to strengthening the European Union’s 2050 climate neutrality target and reducing CO2 emissions;
b) as beneficial ambitious targets for heavy vehicle manufacturers that could support efforts to reverse the growing trend of greenhouse gas emissions from road freight and road transport passengers;
Considers that:
a) the marketing of more efficient heavy vehicles would contribute to Romania’s efforts to meet national targets for reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 2030;
b) targets for electric buses will support efforts to improve air quality, especially in large urban centers.