1. The Regulation on the reception and registration in the cadastre and land register records as of 08.02.2023
  • When the registration concerns the right of ownership, the description of the operation performed will indicate the acquisition, modification or the abolishment of the right or a share, with an indication of the legal act or fact from which these effects stem, as well as with the mention of the exclusive character of the right of ownership; or where appropriate, the manner of ownership in the form of joint ownership on the shares or joint ownership in devaluation.
  • Real estate rights provided by law, namely: the private property right, its dismemberments and other rights to which the law confers this character, the public property right and the corresponding real rights and the collateral rights, shall be entered in the land register, upon request or ex officio, as the case may be, becoming tabular rights within the meaning of the law.


  1. Order no. 2,084/20,910/188/2022/70/C/2023 amending and completing the methodology for the evaluation and multidisciplinary and interinstitutional intervention in the provision of support and protection services for victims of crime, approved by order of the Minister of Labour and Social Protection, of the Minister of Internal Affairs and of the Minister of Justice no. 173/65/3,042/C/2021
  • The criminal investigation bodies participate together with the lawyers of the SSVI in determining the type of crime for the victims who directly address the SSVI/DGASPC, regardless of whether the criminal prosecution in connection with that act stipulated by the criminal law has begun.
  • To this end, the County Police Inspectorate/General Police Directorate of Bucharest/General Inspectorate of Romanian Police (IJP/DGPMB/IGPR) appoints persons to ensure collaboration with SSVI/DGASPC in the field of crime victims.
  • The personnel of SSVI/DGASPC cooperate with the specialists of ANITP regional centers in order to apply the National Mechanism for the identification and referral of victims of trafficking in human beings and to monitor the provided assistance, support and protection services.