1. Amendments and completions to the Regulation for approval, reception and registration in Land Registry records, approved by the Order of the General Director of the Romanian National Agency for Cadastre and Land Registration no. 700/2014, as of 10.01.2023
  • During the works of drawing up the parcel plan, the steps provided in Article 40, paragraphs (4) to (12) of the law will be carried out accordingly and according to the regulations regarding the systematic registration, the technical and legal situation of the buildings previously registered in the cadastral or topographic plan and in the land registry shall be changed according to the current technical and legal situation, identified by the measurements made by the authorized person and the legal acts gathered by the local commission / authorized person, without the consent of the owners.
  • The verification by the cadastre specialist of the documents of the parcel plan for publication consists in the analysis of the following aspects:
  1. a) the classification of the parcel plan in the national reference system;
  2. b) integration of previously registered buildings into the integrated cadastre and land registry system;
  3. c) the approval of the parcel plan and the parcel table by the president of the local land fund commission and by the authorized person by signature;
  4. d) the conformity between the data from the parcel table, the data from the titles of ownership / acts of ownership and the parcel plan;
  5. e) the mention of discrepancies between the locations of the buildings resulting from measurements with the identifiers of the locations of the buildings registered in the titles of ownership in the technical memorandum, in the Notes section in the parcel table and in the Notes tag related to the parent Land tag in the .cgxml file.


  1. Order no. 1073/2022 on the amendment and completion of the procedure for profiling persons looking for a job registered with the employment agencies, approved by the order of the President of the Romanian National Agency for Employment no. 11/2018
  • The criteria for the employment of jobseekers in the levels of employment referred to in Article 3(a) are:
  1. a) geographical: city. By locality is understood: Municipality, city, village residence of commune, village component within the commune and village belonging to the municipality or city, in accordance with the provisions of Law no. 351/2001 regarding the approval of the plan for the national territory – Section IV – Network of localities, as subsequently amended and supplemented;
  2. b) level of studies;
  3. c) the age, respectively the following age groups: until the age of 45 and at least 45 years;
  4. d) the affiliation to a vulnerable group or group with special needs. For the application of this criterion, consideration shall be given to whether the person falls into at least one of the following categories: long-term unemployed, disabled person, person released from detention, person at risk of being trafficked, young person at risk of social marginalization or refugee or person under other form of international protection;


  1. e) occupational: seasonal nature of the activity provided, professional experience in the last 5 years, professional experience in the occupation concerned in the last 3 years, qualification/occupation, relevant qualification/occupation;


  1. f) personal, such as: housing problems, changing of residence, urgent household activities, etc.;
  2. g) family, such as: situations that hinder or aggravate the employment process, sick relative who needs care, children who could not be enrolled in nursery or kindergarten, etc.;


  1. h) medical, such as: chronic patients, scheduled operations, recovery periods, medical restrictions on the activities they can carry out, etc.;


  1. i) the willingness to work within the least possible timeframe, to participate in vocational training programs, to work in another occupation than that for which one has experience or training;


  1. j) motivation for eligibility to work.