1. The decision no. 27/2021 regarding the examination of the appeal in the interest of the law filed by the Management Board of the Bucharest Court of Appeal which forms the object of the Case no. 2.618/1/2021

  • By interpreting the provisions of the Romanian Civil Procedure Code, the court that rules on the suspension of the enforcement is compelled to verify its jurisdiction under the general provisions, and if it finds that it has no jurisdiction to rule on the first stage court it shall decline its jurisdiction in the favor of the enforcement court.
  • The urgency of the request for a temporary suspension of the enforcement cannot be a reason not to decline the competence.
  1. The circular no. 4/2022 regarding the level of the reference interest rate of the National Bank of Romania

  • Starting with February 10, 2022, the level of the reference interest rate of the National Bank of Romania is 2.50% per year.
  1. The Romanian Regulation no. 2/2022 for amending and supplementing the Regulation of the National Bank of Romania no. 5/2013 regarding the prudential requirements for the credit institutions.

  • The credit institutions must inform the National Bank of Romania – Supervision Department periodically, at least annually, about the operational risk to which they are exposed.
  • The National Bank of Romania verifies if the requirements regarding the good reputation, knowledge, skills and experience are still met, if it has reasonable reasons to suspect that there is or has been an attempt or an act of money laundering or terrorist financing or that there is an increased risk of it.