1. Romanian Law no. 108/2023 regarding the approval of the Romanian Government Ordinance no. 9/2023 for the amendment of art. 11 para. (1) letter k) of the Romanian Law no. 50/1991 regarding the authorization of the execution of construction works.

The Romanian law implements a new article, having the following content: works for the elevation of crossings for pedestrians, signaling elements and road markings may be executed without authorization, on the basis of the opinion of the Traffic Commission, the agreement of the Road Brigade and the road administrator, obtained in advance.

2. The Romanian Regulation on the procedure for finding and sanctioning unfair commercial practices, from 28.04.2023.

The Romanian Competition Council is entitled, without prejudice to its right to initiate in-depth research ex officio, not to give effect to the notification of a natural or legal person who cannot demonstrate a legitimate interest. The existence of interest cannot be presumed.

In the event of an emergency caused by the risk of serious and irreparable damage, if it finds, at a first assessment, the existence of acts prohibited by law, which must be eliminated, The Romanian Competition Council may, by decision, impose for a specified period any interim measure which it considers necessary, before completing the in-depth research.