1. Romanian Decision no. 355/2023 on amending and supplementing the Methodological norms for the application of Government Emergency Ordinance no. 28/1999 on the obligation of economic operators to use fiscal electronic cash registers, approved by Romanian Government Decision no. 479/2003


  • Users, with the exceptions provided by the Romanian emergency ordinance, are required to issue to customers the tax receipts for all the goods delivered retail and/or services rendered, and at their request, to issue an invoice, according to the Romanian Law no. 227/2015 on the Romanian Fiscal Code, as amended and supplemented, on the date of issue of the tax receipt.
  • For the purposes of the Romanian emergency ordinance, unsupervised equipment means devices such as commercial vending machines, which operate on the basis of card payments, as well as of banknote or coin acceptors, as the case may be, through which food and/or non-food products are retailed or services are provided directly to the population.


  1. Romanian Decision no. 1288/2012 for the approval of the Regulation on the organization and functioning of the Romanian National Agency for Cadastre and Real Estate Advertising


  • The Romanian National Agency exercises the following functions: strategic planning, regulatory and endorsement; monitoring, coordination and control; representation; administration.
  • In carrying out the regulatory and endorsement function, the Romanian National Agency has the following attributions:
  1. a) elaborates the national and institutional regulatory framework for its fields of activity;
  2. b) initiates, elaborates and approves, as appropriate, drafts of normative acts and international agreements in its fields of activity and related, in compliance with legal regulations.