Romanian Law no. 243/2023 regarding the approval of the Government Ordinance no. 6/2023 for the amendment of Law no. 212/2022 on some measures to reduce the seismic risk of buildings.

In Article 9 para. 3 (points b) and c) are amended to read as follows:

b) identification and inventory of multi-storey dwelling buildings, built before 1978, located in localities for which the peak value of the acceleration of the ground for earthquake design of (g) is greater than or equal to 0.20 g, as well as buildings for the purpose of housing technically examined and classified in appropriate seismic risk classes.

c) elaboration of the lists with the buildings with the home destination provided in let. a) and b) and the publication of these lists on the websites of the local public administration authorities, respectively of the Bucharest municipality.

In Article 10, after paragraph (4), three new paragraphs are inserted, para. (5) – (7), with the following content:

(5) Local public administration authorities are exempt from any stamp, tariff, commission or bail fees for claims and actions addressed to the judiciary under the provisions of this law.

(6) At the request of the mayors of municipalities, cities and communes, the general mayor of Bucharest and the sector mayors, cadastral and real estate advertising offices, the National Agency for Fiscal Administration, The National Center for Fiscal Information, as well as any other institutions, authorities, certified technical experts or other natural or legal persons, in accordance with the law, have the obligation to provide support to local public administration authorities, as well as the information necessary for the fulfillment of the activities provided by this law.

(7) It is strictly forbidden to carry out commercial activities of any kind, as well as to place advertising on the facade and / or on the terrace / cover of the building, suspension of pillars, walls, interior stairs and the like in the case of buildings classified in the seismic risk class RsI or RsII by technical expertise report, made according to the normative Seismic Design Code – Part III – Provisions for seismic evaluation of existing buildings, indicative P100-3, in force at the time of expertise by technical experts certified for the fundamental requirement of mechanical strength and stability.