1. Romanian Order no. 2.228/2022 / 3.025/2023 amending and completing the methodology for the authorization of providers of professional training for adults, approved by order of the Minister of Labour, Social Solidarity and Family and of the Minister of Education, Research and Youth no. 353/5.202/2003


  • The authorization of vocational training providers is based on the evaluation criteria, for a period of 4 years, for each of the qualifications, occupations, key competences, cross-cutting competences for which vocational training providers organize vocational training programs.
  • To be authorized, vocational training providers shall prove that they carry out vocational training programs with certified trainers in the profile or specialty corresponding to the training program or trainers who prove that they have the quality of teaching staff in the profile or specialty corresponding to the training program.
  • During the practice at economic operators, the supervision and guidance of the participants in the training program are provided both by the trainers appointed by the professional training provider and by the specialized staff appointed by each economic operator.



  1. Romanian Ordinance no. 19/2023 amending Article 16 of the Romanian Law no. 153/2017 on the remuneration of staff paid from public funds, as well as for the completion of Article 5 of Romanian Government Emergency Ordinance no. 155/2020 on some measures for the elaboration of the National Recovery and resilience Plan necessary for Romania to access reimbursable and non-reimbursable external funds under the Recovery and Resilience Mechanism


  • The monthly allowances of the presidents and vice-presidents of the county councils and mayors and deputy mayors of the administrative-territorial units implementing projects financed from non-reimbursable European funds and/or reimbursable external funds, as well as through the Recovery and Resilience Mechanism shall be increased by up to 50%, within the limit of the approved budget for this purpose.
  • The criteria for determining the percentage of salary increase, as well as the conditions for setting up posts outside the organizational chart within the institutions and/or public authorities implementing projects financed by non-reimbursable European funds and/or through the Recovery and Resilience Mechanism are carried out on the basis of a framework regulation developed by the Ministry of Development, Public works and Administration and Ministry of European investments and projects, which is approved by Government Decision.