1. Order no. 10/2023 for the approval of the methodology for determining the level of the minimum natural gas stock that the holders of natural gas supply licenses have the obligation to set up in underground storage warehouses
  • Natural gas suppliers, for the quantities delivered to final customers, and thermal energy producers, only for the amount of natural gas used in the production of heat in cogeneration plants and in thermal plants intended for population consumption, hereinafter referred to as PET direct customer, those who have opted for the purchase of natural gas directly from natural gas producers, as the case may be, fulfill their obligation to set up the minimum natural gas stock by:
  1. storage of natural gas in its own name, by concluding contracts for underground storage of natural gas with one of the holders of the license for operating the underground storage systems of natural gas; and/or
  2. the conclusion, by 31st May of each year, of sale-purchase contracts covering quantities of natural gas from underground storage of natural gas stored by another natural gas supplier; and/or
  3. the conclusion of mandate contracts with another supplier for the storage of natural gas.


  1. Order no. 261/2023 for the implementation by the Ministry of Economy of the provisions of Government Emergency Ordinance no. 178/2022 on the support of legal entities established in Romania, in order to participate to cooperation projects supported financially by means of the European Defence Fund (EDF)
  • Any entity established in Romania, to which the provisions of Article 9 paragraph (4) of Regulation (EU) 2021/697, are applicable, has the obligation to request the ECM to issue the opinion necessary for the approval of the insured guarantees, hereinafter referred to as the opinion.
  • The criteria that the entity must cumulatively meet in order to obtain the favorable opinion are as follows:
  1. to be registered as a Romanian legal person;
  2. be eligible, under the Romanian law, for participation in a public procurement procedure with a similar purpose;
  3. associates/shareholders holding at least 5% of the shares, as well as administrators of the legal entity not to have been definitively convicted for: crimes against the person; crimes against the assets by disregarding trust; corruption crimes; embezzlement; crimes of forgery in documents; tax evasion; Offences provided by Law no. 129/2019 for the prevention and combating of money laundering and terrorist financing, as well as for the modification and completion of some normative acts, as subsequently amended and supplemented; offenses provided by Law no. 535/2004 for the prevention and combating of terrorism, as subsequently amended and supplemented; offenses concerning non-compliance with the regime of arms and ammunition and explosive materials, violation of the export control regime or inclusion on a list of international sanctions, except those rehabilitated;
  4. the involvement of the entity in action is not contrary to the security and defense interests of the Union and its Member States as established under the common Foreign and Security Policy (CFSP) under Title V of the Treaty on European Union (TEU) or to the objectives set out in Article 3 Of Regulation (EU) 2021/697;
  5. control over the entity is exercised in a manner that does not impede or limit its ability to carry out the action and to generate results, does not impose restrictions on its infrastructure, facilities, assets, resources, the intellectual property rights or know-how required for the purpose of the action or undermining the capabilities and standards necessary for the conduct of the action, the access of non-eligible countries/entities to confidential or classified information relating to the action shall be prevented, and the employees or other persons involved in the action shall have the appropriate security authorization issued by the national authority, the intellectual property rights generated by the research and/or development action and their other results.