1. Order no. 5.309/C/2022 amending and completing the order of the Minister of Justice no. 3.431/C/2019 for the approval of the forms of registration notices regarding the registrations made in the Romanian National Register of Mobile Advertising and the instructions for filling in these forms


  • The Romanian competent body or its representative may request the registration in the Romanian register of the initial mortgage advice, when the destination seizing insurance or seizing insurance in criminal cases is selected, as well as the subsequent opinions of this opinion, the amending mortgage advice, if the type of change registration of legal notices, the enforcement notice and the take-over notice on the claim account has been selected, in compliance with the legal provisions and the supervisory authority orders.


  • If an active registration notice has been inactivated incorrectly due to technical reasons, not attributable to the authorized operator/agent, upon notification of any interested person or ex officio, the operator/agent, no later than two working days from the date of finding the error, submit to the Romanian Supervisory Authority an application for approval of the registration of a notice reactivation of the notice inactivated due to technical reasons explaining the circumstances in which the inactivation occurred, together with the reactivation notice form completed and signed by the applicant or, where applicable, by the operator/agent concerned, without filling in the entries in the field General data on the legal act underlying the current registration (type, number, closing date), the type of reactivation reactivation of a notice inactivated due to technical reasons not attributable to the authorized operator/agent is checked.


  1. The Romanian National Agency for Fiscal Administration ANAF the procedure for registration of lease contracts, since 17.11.2022


  • Individuals who obtain income from the disposal of the use of personal property goods, other than the income from renting and those from renting for tourism purposes of rooms located in personal property dwellings, have the obligation to register the contract concluded between the parties, as well as the subsequent changes, no later than 30 days after the conclusion/production of its amendment, according to Article 120 paragraph (61) of Law no. 227/2015 on the Romanian Fiscal Code, as subsequently amended and supplemented.
  • If the property whose use is ceded is jointly owned, each co-owner has the obligation to register the lease agreement with the Romanian competent tax authority.