The Romanian Regulation on the establishment of jobs, categories of staff, concrete increase for working conditions, and, as well as the conditions for granting it to the occupational family of budgetary functions “Defense, public order and national security”, from 31.01.2024

Spores for working conditions are as follows:

a) increase for hazardous or harmful conditions;

b) increase for heavy working conditions;

c) spore for activities requiring very high mental strain.

In determining the jobs for which the bonuses are awarded, the following factors are mainly taken into account:

a) the existence of harmful factors – physical, chemical or biological and the mechanism of their action on the body;

b) the intensity of action of the harmful factors or the association of these factors;

c) the duration of exposure to the action of harmful factors;

d) high physical effort, in unfavorable microclimate conditions, intense noise or vibration;

e) risk of disease caused by nervous overload caused by the preparation, endorsement or approval of documents with high complexity, as well as the existence of risk of injury;

f) the structure and level of morbidity in relation to the specifics of the workplace;

g) the existence of working conditions involving a particular nervous stress, very tense and multilateral attention, intense concentration and intense work rhythm.

The Romanian Methodology for finding contraventions and applying sanctions at the level of the Romanian Ministry of Energy and the National Authority for Consumer Protection, from 30.01.2024

Constitutes contraventions, if they were not committed under such conditions that, according to the criminal law, they are considered crimes:

   a) failure by traders to comply with the provisions of Article 25 relating to consumer information on relevant SAL entities;

   b) the conduct of alternative dispute resolution activities under this Ordinance by bodies not included in the list referred to in Article 31 para. (5);

   c) to create the impression of the persons concerned that they are addressing an ADR entity, if, in reality, that entity is not included in the list referred to in Article 31 para. (5);

   d) failure by the ODR contact point to comply with any of the obligations laid down in Article 7 (2) of Regulation (EU) No. 524/2013; and;

   e) failure by traders to comply with any of the requirements relating to consumer information set out in Article 14 (1), (2) and (7) of Regulation (EU) No. 524/2013g. 

The penalty is the contravention fine. The contravention fine is administrative in nature. The limits of the contravention fine are between 2,000 and 5,000 lei. Amounts from fines applied to legal entities in accordance with the legislation in force are made full income to the state budget.