The law amendment, introduced new articles on seniority, annual leave and salary o temporary employee, namely:

1. In Article 16, after paragraph (4) are introduce two new paragraphs (5) and (6) as follows:

“(5) unexcused absences and leave without payment shall be deducted from the length in work.

(6) are exempted from the provisions of par. (5) such leave without payment for professional development, granted under art. 155 and 156. ”

2. In Article 92, after paragraph (2) are introduced two new paragraphs (3) and (4) as follows:

     “(3) Salary received by the temporary employee for each mission can not be lower than that which the employee who performs the same job or one similar to the temporary employee.

(4) To the extent that the user does not have committed such an employee, the salary of the temporary employee will be determined taking into account the salary of a person employed by individual labor contract and performing the same work or similar, as established by the collective labor agreement applicable to the user. ”

3. In Article 145, after paragraph (3) are introduced three new paragraphs (4) – (6) as follows:

     “(4) In determining the duration of annual leave, periods of temporary disability and those for maternity leave, maternal risk and sick child care leave is considered periods of activity performed.

     (5) If the temporary work incapacity or maternity leave, maternal risk or care of sick leave occurred during the leave year, it is interrupted, following that the employee will perform the remaining days of leave after the situation of temporary disability, maternity, maternal risk or the care of a sick child ceased, and when it is not possible, the days missed will be rescheduled.

     (6) An employee is entitled to an annual holiday and in case the temporary work incapacity lasts, under the law, during the entire calendar year, the employer is obliged to pay annual leave during a period of 18 months from the year following that in which he was on medical leave. “

There have also been amended the articles of the Labor Code on age and standard minimum contribution and duration of the annual holiday, namely:

6. Article 56 (1), point c) is amended as follows:

“c) on cumulative fulfillment of the conditions of standard age and the minimum contribution period for retirement pension; at the date or communication of the decision in the case of third-degree disability pension, partial early retirement, early retirement, retirement pension reduction standard retirement age, at the date of communication of medical decision on working capacity in case of disability grade I or II;

7. Article 146 shall be amended as follows:

“Art. 146. – (1) The annual leave must be made each year.

(2) If the employee, for justified reasons, can not perform full or partial, annual leave to which he was entitled in that calendar year, with the consent of the person concerned, the employer is obliged to give the annual leave not done in a period of 18-months following the year in which the right to the annual leave was born.

     (3) Compensation in lieu of annual leave money is allowed only if the labor contract is terminated.”