1. The Decision no. 194/2022 regarding the establishment, performance and attributions of the Inter-institutional Commission “Ukraine” in Romania

  • The Commission aims to monitor, submit the proposals and centralize the information regarding the progress of the conflict situation in Ukraine, at national level in Romania.


  1. The Romanian Emergency Ordinance no. 191/2020 on the extension of the dead lines regarding the submission of the documents provided in the charge of the non gouvernamental organizations, foundations, and legal person registered in the Romanian Trade Registry

  • The dead line within the real beneficiary declaration provided by the article 62 paragraph (1) of the Romanian Law no. 129/2019 for preventing and combating money laundering shall be submitted at the Romanian Trade Registry in no more than 90 days from the end of the state of alert in Romania.


  1. The Romanian Emergency Ordinance no. 15/2022 on providing support and humanitarian assistance by the Romanian state to foreign citizens or apatrids in special situations, coming from the area of the military operations in Ukraine

  • The foreign citizens or apatrids (stateless persons) who come from the armed conflict area from Ukraine to Romania, who do not request a form of the protection according to the Romanian Law no. 122/2006 on asylum in Romania, shall benefit, within the temporary accommodation camps and humanitarian assistance or in other accommodation locations established by the Local Committee/Bucharest committees for emergencies, from the provision of the following essentials utilities during their temporary stay in Romania:
  1. Food;
  2. Clothes;
  3. Personal hygiene materials;
  4. Primary medical assistance, and right treatment in Romania, emergency medical assistance, and free medical assistance and treatment in cases of acute or chronic life-threatening illness, through the national health care system;
  5. The right to be included in the Romanian national public health programs aimed at the prevention, surveillance and control of the communicable diseases, in the situations of the epidemiological risk.
  • The above mentioned persons from the Ukraine area of armed conflict benefit from the same medical services as the Romanian insured persons, without paying the social health insurance contribution, as well as from the drugs, sanitary materials, medical devices and services included in the national curative health programs.
  • The children of foreign citizens who are unaccompanied by their parents or another legal representative who come from the area of armed conflict in Ukraine and enter Romania, benefit from the special protection provided in the Romanian Law no. 272/2004 on the protection and promotion of the rights of the children.


  1. The law no. 156/2000 on the protection of Romanian citizens working abroad is amended as follows:

  • The interposition of other categories of intermediaries between the Romanian employment agency or supplier, the mediated person and the foreign employer is prohibited, except for the cases regulated by the law of the receiving state.
  • The Romanian employment agencies or suppliers have to ensure that, prior to their travel, the workers employed abroad hold all the necessary documents for accessing and exercising the right to work in the receiving State.
  • In case of the placement abroad of Romanian workers who, after signing the mediation contract, do not comply with their obligations, the Romanian workers have to pay an amount representing the equivalent of the expenses incurred by the employment placement agency or supplier, based on the supporting documents, without exceeding 200 euro / worker, unless they have been contractually agreed and other funds have been paid.