1.The Romanian decision no. 11/2022 regarding the examination of the notification filed by the Cluj Court of Appeal – Criminal Section, by which, pursuant to the art. 476 para. (1) related to the art. 475 of the Romanian Code of Criminal Procedure, a preliminary ruling on legal matters was requested, ruled by The Romanian High Court of Cassation and Justice

  • The act of a person who drives a vehicle on public roads in Romania, having an alcohol level over 0.80 g / l pure alcohol in the blood and being under the influence of psychoactive substances, meets the typical elements of the crime provided by the art. 336 para. (1) and (2) of the Romanian Criminal Code, being a single offense.
  • If there are no multiple immediate consequences of the deed, the existence of two distinct crimes cannot be accepted, being in the presence of a single crime, committed in both normative variants.

2.The Romanian Emergency Ordinance no. 57/2022 on the amendment and supplement of the Law no. 202/2002 on equal opportunities and treatment between women and men and for the amendment of the art. 3 para. (21) of the Government Emergency Ordinance no. 121/2021 on the establishment of some measures at the level of the central public administration and for the amendment and supplement of some normative acts ruled by The Government of Romania

  • Any less favorable treatment of a woman or a man in Romania for the reason that she/he has applied for or taken parental leave, paternity leave, or exercised her/his right to apply for flexible working arrangements represents discrimination in the meaning of this law.
  • At the end of maternity leave, parental leave for children up to 2 years, respectively 3 years in the case of a child with disabilities, paternity leave, the employee has the right to return to the last job or to an equivalent job, having equivalent working conditions, and also to benefit from any improvement of the working conditions in Romania.