1. The Romanian employment procedure of Ukrainian citizens coming from the area of the military operations in Ukraine, from 09.03.2022, in Romania

  • The Ukrainian citizens who come from the area of armed conflict in Ukraine and want to get a job in Romania, but do not own the documents proving their professional qualification or work experience, can present themselves before the Romanian employment agencies to be registered.
  • The registration at the Romanian state is made on the basis of the identity document, passport or another document attesting the identity.
  • If the Ukrainian citizen directly contacts a Romanian employer, without requesting the services of the Romanian state, he / she fills out a statement on his / her own responsibility, together with the employer.
  1. The Romanian Emergency Ordinance no. 20/2022 on amending and supplementing some normative acts, as well as for establishing support and humanitarian assistance measures in Romania

  • The natural persons who host foreign citizens or apatrids in special situations in Romania, coming from the area of the armed conflict in Ukraine, benefit from the settlement, from the budget of the Romanian Inspectorates for Emergency Situations, of the food expenses amounting to 4 Euros / day / hosted person.
  • The disabled or dependent older people who come from the area of the armed conflict in Ukraine and enter Romania, benefit for free, upon request, from the charge from the social services in accordance with the provisions of the Romanian Law no. 17/2000 on social assistance for the older people in Romania.