1.The Order no. 43/2022 regarding the approval of the procedure for providing the social services for the adults with disabilities, accompanied or unaccompanied, who entered Romania from the area of armed conflict in Ukraine and who do not request a form of protection according to the Law no. 122/2006 on asylum in Romania

  • An adult with disability, accompanied or unaccompanied, who is in the Romanian refugee camp, medical unit or community may apply for the social services in Romania. 
  • If the number of applications for the social services exceeds the number of places available in the Romanian centers for adults with disabilities, subordinated to DGASPC (General Directorate of Social Assistance and Child Protection in Romania), it ensures the connection with DGASPC from other counties for taking over the adults with disabilities.
  • After the admission order, DGASPC ensures the movement of the adult with disabilities, his / her companions and also the person who ensures the communication, to the identified Romanian residential social service.

2.The Decision no. 337/2022 on the granting of gratuities and facilities for the transport of the foreign citizens or stateless persons in special situations in Romania, coming from the area of the armed conflict in Ukraine 

  • The foreign citizens or stateless persons in special situations, coming in Romania from the area of the armed conflict in Ukraine, benefit from free on all the journeys made with the Romanian railway transport operators, on the Regio and Interregio class train, class II seating positions, during the temporary stay or transit in Romania, based on the identity documents, temporary identity documents, residence or permits issued by the Romanian authorities.

3.The procedure for the enrolling as audiences in the classes of the educational units, for the minors in special situations who come from the area of the armed conflict in Ukraine and enter the Romania, from 10.03.2022

  • This procedure establishes the way of enrolling as audiences in the pre-university education units in Romania or as participants in the extracurricular activities in Romania without obtaining the quality of audience, of the minors from the area of the armed conflict in Ukraine.
  • In order to enter the community in the Romanian pre-university education units, the minors will benefit from the examination of the state of health in the educational units, according to the Romanian legislation in force, and a medical document will be issued for their enrollment in the Romanian community.
  • In order to ensure the right to education in Romania, minors are integrated into study groups / groups / classes, regardless of the number of students included in them.