1. The Decision no. 75/2021 regarding the settlement of the petition submitted by the Suceava Court of Appeal – Criminal Section and for cases with minors in Romania, based on the art. 475 and the following articles of the Romanian Criminal Procedure Code, in order to issue a preliminary ruling for the settlement of a legal matter 

  • In case of initiating or creating an organized criminal group or joining or supporting in any form such a group, the statute of limitation of criminal liability in Romania shall be calculated in relation to the maximum limit of the penalty provided by the text of the law, respectively 20 years, regardless of the penalty provided for the worstcrime falling within the purpose of the offence group.


  1. The Decision no. 748/2021 regarding the admission of the exception of unconstitutionality of the provisions of art. 4 para. (3) of the Law no. 297/2018 on Romanian Land Book Registration System

  • The provisions of art. 4 para. (3) of Law no. 297/2018 ,,Written records under private signature that are validly concluded and have the character of writs of execution may be enforced only provided that they are registered with the Register. are unconstitutional.
  • Given that the fees charged for the registration in a Romanian public register are not directly related to the legal nature of the execution of the document, the criticized regulation may impose, in the terms of costs, a disproportionate burden on the creditor.