This tax will be determined depending on the destination of the buildings – residential and non-residential buildings, differently from the present legislation providing tax assessment according to juridical personality of the owner: individuals or legal persons.

Thus, for residential buildings, the tax rate will be between 0.08% – 0.2%. For individuals the basis for the tax shall be the taxable value of the building, determined in a spreadsheet, and for the legal persons the value resulting from an evaluation report.

In the current regulation, individuals pay a tax of 0.1% calculated as a percentage of the taxable value, determined on the basis of the constructed surface performed, the type of building, and the rank in the locality where the property is located. If the external dimensions of a building cannot be effectively measured, the built area of ‹‹the building is determined by multiplying the useful surface with 1.2. For companies, building tax percentage rate is calculated on the value recorded in accounting. Standard rate is between 0.25-1.5%. If the buildings are not reevaluated it is applied an increased quota of 10% -20% for the buildings not reevaluated in the last 3 years preceding the fiscal year of reference or 30% -40% for the not reevaluated in the last 5 years prior to the fiscal year of reference.

The tax rate on non-residential buildings will be between 0.2% -1.3%. Calculation basis both for individuals and for legal persons shall be the amount resulting from an evaluation report. In case an individual has registered a company at the address of the building, it will have non-residential tax regime only if the expenses with utilities are deducted.

It is also desired to regulate the calculation of tax on buildings in case of concession contracts, rental, management, distinct from the specific building tax regulations. Thus, it is intended to eliminate malfunctions in the current tax code to calculate tax on buildings and to set a deadline for payment of the tax until the 25th day of each month during the period in which it holds concession rights, rental, management or use.

In addition, the person who owes the tax on buildings will be required to submit a statement to the local tax authority in whose territorial competence is the building up to the 25th of the month following the month in which the agreement is entered into which is granted the concession rights, rental, administration or use in enclosing a copy of this contract.

Moreover, the project provides the cancellation of the additional taxation for owning several buildings, along with the repeal of provisions of tax increase for buildings used as dwelling whose area exceeds 150 square meters. The current provision have coordinates of a property tax system, and in the situation of lack of a national database of all properties, checking the correctness of the statements was almost impossible. This will ensure the property tax of the current tax system.

The draft of the new tax code is in the stage of public debate.